May 2022

We know working remotely doesn't make the struggle to maintain balance any easier. That is why the OBA is sending two minute reminders around 2:00 pm each day as a reminder to our members to check in on themselves, be mindful and remember that physical distancing doesn't mean any one’s mental health should suffer.

Date mindful moment
May 2 Practice Empathy
May 3 Take the Self-Compassion Test
May 4 Cut out the Negativity
May 5 Five Steps Toward Happiness in Law
May 6 Turn Commute Time into Me Time
May 9 Conquer Distraction with Intention
May 10 In-the-Moment Mindfulness Practices
May 11 Stop and Smell the Flowers
May 13 Write a Limerick
May 16 Time for a Timeout
May 17 Refuel Personally to Flourish Professionally
May 18 Remember Why You Love the Law
May 19 Make Your Own Mantra
May 20 Happy Trails to You