Through generous volunteer participation, the Ontario Bar Association operates a number of committees to implement programs and to serve the interests of the profession and the public. 

The main categories of committees include, Board Committees, Standing Committees, Special Committees, Sub-Committees, and Section Executives.  For a full listing of our committees please select one of the categories below.

Board Committees

Board committees are permanent work units of the association. Committee members make use of their time, expertise and commitment to address issues and achieve goals on behalf of the OBA.

Standing Committees

Standing committees assist the Board of Directors and are comprised of members, volunteers and staff directors. Standing committees investigate and explore recurring matters as it relates to the OBA.

Section Executives

All 39 OBA Sections elect a volunteer executive each year consisting of a Chair, Past Chair, Secretary, Editor, Public Policy Advocacy Liaison, CLE Liaison, Member-at-Large, Program Planning Lawyer, and OBA staff. OBA Section Executives conduct business on behalf of their individual practice areas.