How to Use Section Forums


Engaging in valuable and timely conversations about your practice with colleagues has never been easier now that the OBA has launched an online forum dedicated to each practice section.

These online forums are searchable, so you can easily find discussions, tips or precedents posted by your colleagues. And, because it is only accessible by members of your section, you know that the audience and contributors are from your bar. There's no forum spamming here!

Here are the simple steps to get involved in your forum today:

Viewing the forum

  1. Select the forum from the listing below.  Login using your Last Name and CBA/OBA Member #
  2. You can scroll down the page to see all recent posts

Start a conversation

  1. To start a conversation click on “Post a New Message”,
  2. Once completed hit the OK button to post

How to subscribe to a Forum or Just One Post

Receive an e-mail when a new message is posted

  1. All Posts - To receive notification of all posts and comments, subscribe to the forum by clicking on "Subscribe" on the home page of the forum.
  2. Just one Post - To receive notification of comments on just one post, subscribe to the post by clicking on “Subscribe to Post” just below the message.

Section Forums