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The OBA-CBA provides a number of complimentary and comprehensive resources for the public including:

Make A Will Month

If you do not have a Will, immediately after your death no one is authorized to deal with important issues such as making funeral arrangements, handling your business or protecting your savings. Whether you’re planning your own estate or assisting a loved one, take action and make a Will now, so you can rest assured later.

OBA Speakers Bureau

The OBA Speakers Bureau is a complimentary service that helps connect community and business groups with legal experts in Ontario.

Working with a Lawyer when you buy a home

Your lawyer is there to help guide you through this process and to protect your interests at every step of the way. Once you have read this brochure, you should immediately tell your lawyer which one of the three methods you would like him or her to use for your home purchase.

Law Day

A national event celebrating the signing of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Law day activities provide an excellent opportunity for the profession to educate the public about the vital role that lawyers and the judiciary serve in guaranteeing an open, independent and unbiased judicial system.