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Essential Evidence Series for Estate Litigators (8 hrs)

Original Program Date: Aug 6-Aug 28, 2020

A fundamental understanding of evidence law is critical for every litigator. Ensure you have the knowledge, insights and practical application you need for your practice with this comprehensive series, created specifically for estate litigators. Our top notch faculty will share valuable advice that will help you master the effective use of evidence to put forward the best case for your client.

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OBA Institute Across Borders

OBA Institute Across Borders

Original Date: Nov 9-10, 2021

International and cross-border considerations frequently arise for Ontario lawyers while advising their clients today, often in unexpected places - ensure you are ready to confidently advise your clients on how to navigate the challenges, opportunities and actualities of a global world.

Day 1 & 2 | Day 1 | Day 2