Mindful Moments April 2020

We know working remotely doesn't make the struggle to maintain balance any easier. That is why the OBA is sending two minute reminders around 2:00 pm each day as a reminder to our members to check in on themselves, be mindful and remember that physical distancing doesn't mean any one’s mental health should suffer.

april 2020 mindful moment
April 1st Take a Coffee Break
April 2nd Try a Little Tai Chi
April 3rd Mark the Weekend
April 6th Calming Effects of the Ocean
April 7th Create Happiness
April 8th Take a Coffee Break
April 9th You're Doing Great
April 10th Try Something New
April 14th Have Some Fun
April 16th Find your Centre of Balance
April 17th Dance! Dance!
April 20th There's Help
April 21st A Fun Way to Add Execise into Your Day
April 22nd Find your Zen this Earth Day
April 23rd A Positive Spin on Things
April 24th Some Fun Apps for your Weekend
April 27th Tap into Gratitutde
April 30th Have you tried Journaling?