April 2022

We know working remotely doesn't make the struggle to maintain balance any easier. That is why the OBA is sending two minute reminders around 2:00 pm each day as a reminder to our members to check in on themselves, be mindful and remember that physical distancing doesn't mean any one’s mental health should suffer.

April 2022 mindful moment
April 5 Bring Balance Back to the Office
April 6  Stand (or stretch) in the place where you work
April 7 

10 Ways to Brighten Your Day

April 8 Play a Word Game
April 11 Appreciate What You have Today
April 12 Dress Your Desk for Success
April 13 The Power of Kawaii
April 14 Get Ready for a Good Sleep
April 18 You Are a Star
April 19 Take a Bite-sized Language Lesson
April 20 Read Some Good News
April 21 Reframe a Challenge
April 22 Find Your Zen (again)
April 25 Guided Meditation Apps
April 26 Capture the High Points
April 27 Get Grounded in Hybrid Work
April 28 Take a Trivia Mini-break
April 29 Put Things in Perspective