March 2020

We know working remotely doesn't make the struggle to maintain balance any easier. That is why the OBA is sending two minute reminders around 2:00 pm each day as a reminder to our members to check in on themselves, be mindful and remember that physical distancing doesn't mean any one’s mental health should suffer.

march 2020  MINDFUL MOMENT
March 17th Let’s Breathe Together

March 18th

Tips for Remote Working

March 19th

Stay Connected
March 20th  Take Some Time to Enjoy Nature

March 21st

Lighten Your Mood

March 22nd

Boost Your Immunity

March 23rd

Helpful Resources
March 24th Build Resilience…Together

March 25th

Just Breathe
March 26th Stand Up
March 27th Take a Coffee Break
March 28th Laugh a Little
March 29th Let’s Get Fit
March 30th Stop and Smell the Flowers

March 31st

Take in Some Culture