OBA Section Executive Elections


With the nomination process now completed, elections for contested positions are about to commence.


The following sections will be holding elections for the following positions:

  • Business Law: Chair
  • Civil Litigation:
  • Canadian Corporate Counsel Association - Ontario Chapter: Member-At-Large
  • Citizenship & Immigration Law: Vice-Chair
  • Construction & Infrastructure Law: Member-At-Large
  • Family Law: Member-At-Large
  • Labour & Employment Law: Member-At-Large
  • Municipal Law:
  • Pensions & Benefits Law: Secretary
  • Trusts & Estates Law:
  • Women Lawyers Forum: Newsletter Editor
  • Young Lawyers Division (Central): CLE Liaison and Member-At-Large


The criteria for voting in a Section Executive election are:

  • You must be a member of the section as of May 20, 2016 
  • You must be a current member of the CBA


  1. presides at the meetings of the Section,
  2. oversees the performance of all activities of the Section,
  3. reports in writing, prior to each annual meeting of OBA, on the work of the Section for the year just ending, and exercisesany other powers and duties usually associated with the office,
  4. represents theSection at each meeting of OBA and OBA Council,
  5. endeavours to have representation for the Section at the annual meeting of CBA
  1. assists the Chair in the performance of the responsibilities of that office,
  2. acts for the Chair during the absence or inability of the Chair to act,
  3. exercises any other powers and duties that the Chair designates.
  1. takes minutes of business transacted at any meeting of the Section, the Section Executive, and the Officers,
  2. provides a copy of all minutes to the Section’s OBA staff coordinator,
  3. ensures that the Section complies with the Model OBA Section Constitution and OBA's by-laws and policies and shall exercise any other duties that the Chair designates.
  1. liaises with the OBA Public Affairs Committee,
  2. in cooperation with the OBA Public Affairs Department, coordinates the preparation of the Section's advice and input, when requested.
  3. prepares drafts or contributes to the preparation of draft Section and OBA submissions on current issues to governments, regulators and other organizations.
  1. solicits and compiles articles and information of interest to the Section membership and edits articles for the Section’s web page;
  2. works in cooperation with the staff editor to upload articles and approve regular e-mail notifications.
  1. Provides content recommendations for the section website (e.g. news items, online legal resources, etc)
  2. Encourages discussions and engagement with section community through the forum found on the section website and OBA social media campaigns
  3. Delivers updates and insights into technological innovations affecting the sections practice area
  1. coordinates and presents the topics and guest speakers for the Section's program meetings,
  2. writes a summary of Section program meetings for Section Newsletters.
  1. works with the Section Executive and OBA PD staff to identify topics and develop full or half-day programs.
  2. advises the Section of relevant upcoming OBA CLE programs at Section Executive meetings and in Section newsletters.
  1. assume specific projects as assigned by the Chair.

Regional representatives are welcome on all OBA section executives. In some cases, section executives will assign specific responsibility for regional outreach to a member at large. 

If you would like to serve in this capacity, please complete the nomination for Member at Large.

  1. There are no Section Treasurers. The OBA staff is responsible for all financial arrangements.
  2. Each Section Executive, once elected, is asked to name a bilingual representative who can handle interviews on Section activities with the French media.
  3. A  member in  good  standing  means  a  member  of  OBA  and  the  Section  whose  membership  dues are current.
  4. Section 8 of the Section Constitution explains term of office.  The Section Constitution can be found on the Section web page.