Congratulations to the incoming 2017-2018 Envirnomental Law Section Executive

  • 15 juin 2017

The OBA welcomes the 2017-2018 Environmental Law Section Executive. The new executives assume their roles on August 15th, 2017.  The Environmental Law executive is responsible for facilitating learning, advocacy and networking on behalf of the Environmental Law section.

Are you interested in volunteering for the Environmental Law Section Executive? Please contact Peter Guennel

Environmental Law SECTION EXECUTIVE 2017-2018

Jennifer O. Fairfax Chair
Natalie K. Mullins Vice-Chair
Lynn Mitchell Past-Chair
Oliver V. Moore Secretary
  Newsletter Editor
Albert M. Engel CPD Liaison
Paula Lombardi CPD Liaison
Talia Gordner CPD Liaison
  Technology Liaison
Marc McAree Public Affairs Liaison
Rizwan S. Khan Public Affairs Liaison
Aaron E. Atcheson Regional Programming
Matthew Benson Regional Programming
Jessica E. Boily Member at Large
Tamara Farber Member at Large
Lana Finney Member at Large
Michael Fortier Member at Large
Roxie Graystone Member at Large
Rebecca Hall-McGuire Member at Large
David S. McRobert Member at Large
Nivedhya S. Ramaswamy Member at Large
Joanna Rosengarten Member at Large
Rachel Sachs Member at Large
Joanna Vince Member at Large
Barry Weintraub Member at Large
Venetia Whiting Member at Large
  Student Member at Large