2021 Hours

DatePractice AreaProgram NameLawPROSubstantive HoursProf. HoursEDI Hours
04-03-2021Career and Business DevelopmentPACKAGED WEBCAST PROGRAMS: "Your First Civil Trial" and "Divine Discoveries: Building a Great Case"No2h 30m 30m
26-01-2021Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, Constitutional and Human Rights Law, Family Law, Pensions and Benefits Law, Wills, Estates & TrustsPensions and Benefits Law Essentials SeriesNo1h
15-10-2020Wills, Estates & Trusts2020-2021 Trusts & Estates Law Litigators Passport Series (4 Webcast Programs)
06-10-2020Environmental, Energy and Resources Law2020-2021 Environmental Passport Webcast Series - The Dirt on Brownfield Redevelopments (3 Programs)No1h 30m
09-09-2020Young LawyersCall Forward: A Series for Articling Students and LPP Candidates
10-06-2021Alternative Dispute Resolution, Insurance LawYour Essential Guide to Mediating Insurance Claims [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h 30m 30m
08-06-2021Business Law19th Annual OSC, TSX and IIROC Update [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
08-06-2021Privacy and Access Law, Young LawyersPrivacy Law Basics [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h 30m
28-05-2021Pensions and Benefits LawMOF/OSFI/CRA/FSRA Forum 2021 [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
26-05-2021Administration Law, Constitutional and Human Rights Law, Labour and Employment LawAnnual Update on Human Rights [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h 30m2h
20-05-2021Wills, Estates & TrustsNavigating Bank Processes While Administering an Estate [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
19-05-2021Intellectual Property, TechnologyRecreational Cannabis: Key Intellectual Property and Advertising Issues [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
19-05-2021Real PropertyThe Spring Mix – Real Estate Issues You Need to Know! [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h
18-05-2021Labour and Employment Law19th Annual Current Issues in Employment Law [WEBCAST ONLY]No4h 30m1h 30m
18-05-2021Class ActionsAdvanced Ethical Issues for Class Action Practitioners [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 15m 15m
12-05-2021Young LawyersCall Forward: Series for Articling Students and LPP Candidates
Skill Builder Session 7 [WEBCAST ONLY]
12-05-2021Workers Compensation LawAnnual Update on Workplace Safety and Insurance Law [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h 45m1h 15m
11-05-2021International LawInternational Trade Law Insights: Dumping and Subsidies [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
05-05-2021Career and Business DevelopmentFrench Language Rights and Obligations: What All Lawyers Should Know [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
04-05-2021Administrative Law, Young LawyersAdjudicative Tribunal Primer [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h 30m 30m
29-04-2021Construction LawAn Evening with the Bench [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h1h
27-04-2021Civil LitigationTop Appeals of 2020 from the Ontario Court of Appeal [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h 15m
27-04-2021Business LawSecured Transaction Essentials for Business Lawyers [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h 30m
22-04-2021Insurance Law[PROGRAM POSTPONED] Anatomy of a TrialNo9h3h
16-04-2021Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, Pensions and Benefits LawThe Intersection of Pensions and Benefits Law and Insolvency Law [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
14-04-2021Young LawyersCall Forward: Series for Articling Students and LPP Candidates
Skill Builder Session 6 [WEBCAST ONLY]
14-04-2021Labour and Employment Law, Workers Compensation Law, Young LawyersIntroduction to Workplace Safety and Harassment Law and Investigations [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h 30m
13-04-2021Real PropertyKey Transactional Issues Regarding Condominiums [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h
08-04-2021Wills, Estates & TrustsAn Evening with Your Honourable Estates List Judges [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
08-04-2021Charity LawWinding Up a Charity or a Not-For-Profit (Webcast)No1h 30m
08-04-2021Citizenship and Immigration LawTrader /Investor Visas into Canada: The NAFTA/CUSMA’s Best Kept Secret! [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
07-04-2021Environmental, Energy and Resources LawWho’s On the Hook? Contaminated Site Litigation Case Law Update [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
07-04-2021Public SectorRecent Top Decisions Public Sector Lawyers Need to Know [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
01-04-2021Insurance LawMotor Vehicle Tort Litigation: Your Essential Update [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h
01-04-2021Alternative Dispute ResolutionNavigating the Tax Consequences of Settling Commercial Disputes [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
31-03-2021Administrative LawKey Advocacy and Adjudicative Skills in a Virtual World [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
30-03-2021Tax LawKey Insights on Virtual Business Development for Lawyers [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
30-03-2021Municipal LawMunicipal and Planning Law: Creating and Managing Successful Relationships in Law [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
26-03-2021Environmental, Energy and Resources LawNatural Resources and Energy Law:
Mentoring for Success [WEBCAST ONLY]
No 30m1h
25-03-2021Civil LitigationCallow and Wastech: Examining the Recent SCC Decisions on the Duty of Good Faith [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
25-03-2021Construction LawWhere the Rubber Hits the Road:
Potential Pitfalls Along the Road to Applying the New Construction Act [WEBCAST ONLY]
25-03-2021StudentsExam Preparation Tips and Resources [WEBCAST ONLY]
24-03-2021Civil Litigation, Young LawyersDivine Discoveries: Building a Great Case [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h 30m1h
23-03-2021Career and Business DevelopmentKey Update for Class Action Practitioners: Amended Consolidated Provincial Practice Direction and Case Management Best Practices [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
22-03-2021Entertainment Law, Media LawGame on: E-Sports and Video Game Law Primer [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
22-03-2021Child and Youth LawAdvanced Issues in Child Protection Law [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h 45m1h 15m
17-03-2021Career and Business DevelopmentCOVID-19 Vaccinations: Implications for Condominiums and Apartment Complexes [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
11-03-2021Wills, Estates & TrustsAn Estates Solicitor’s Essential Tax Update [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
10-03-2021Young LawyersCall Forward: Series for Articling Students and LPP Candidates
Skill Builder Session 5 [WEBCAST ONLY]
10-03-2021Environmental, Energy and Resources LawDigging Into Ontario’s Brownfield Redevelopment Process [WEBCAST ONLY]
10-03-2021Health LawEnhancing your Skills and Strategy for Appearances Before the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
10-03-2021Class Actions, Young LawyersFireside Chat with Class Actions Bench and Bar [WEBCAST ONLY]No 45m 15m
10-03-2021Canadian Corporate CounselAnnual Update on Contract Drafting [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
09-03-2021Career and Business DevelopmentDBplus – A Defined Benefit Pension Plan for Law Firms [WEBCAST ONLY]
04-03-2021Charity LawUnderstanding Charities’ and Non-Profits’ Financial Statements and Tax Returns [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
04-03-2021Career and Business DevelopmentRoll out to Recovery: Speaker Series
Rapid Antigen Screening: The Role it Plays in the Road to Recovery [WEBCAST ONLY]
04-03-2021Civil Litigation, Young LawyersYour First Civil Trial [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes3h 30m
04-03-2021Career and Business DevelopmentInternational Women's Day 2021
Supporting women in the legal professions and judiciary in the age of COVID-19
Journée internationale des femmes 2021 : Appuyer les femmes au sein des professions juridiques et du système de justice à l’ère de la COVID-19 [WEBCAST EVENT]
03-03-2021Career and Business DevelopmentOBA Mock-Trial Mocktails – An evening with your OBA community [ZOOM EVENT]
03-03-2021Privacy and Access LawProtecting Privacy in Commercial Transactions in 2021 and Beyond [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h 30m
01-03-2021Career and Business DevelopmentRequesting Proof of COVID-19 Vaccinations from Customers and Clients [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
26-02-2021Insurance LawGoing Under Cover: Coverage for Non-Coverage Insurance Lawyers [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h
26-02-2021Family LawYour Guide to New and Revised Family Law Forms [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
25-02-2021Tax Law, Women Lawyers[PROGRAM CANCELLED] An Evening of Networking with Prominent Women Tax Lawyers [WEBCAST ONLY]No 45m1h 15m
25-02-2021Wills, Estates & TrustsFireside Chat with Your Honourable Ottawa Estates Judges [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
25-02-2021Workers Compensation LawAccommodation and Return to Work: Developing a Collaborative, Systemic Approach [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h 30m
25-02-2021Citizenship and Immigration Law, Criminal JusticeRecognizing and Responding to the Intersection Between Immigration Law and Criminal Law Matters [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
24-02-2021Labour and Employment LawWorkplace Harassment Investigations: What you need to know before, during and after [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h1h
24-02-2021Canadian Corporate CounselAnnual Corporate Governance Update [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
24-02-2021Elder Law, SOGICCritical Legal Issues Impacting LGBTQ Individuals as They Age [WEBCAST ONLY]No 45m 45m
24-02-2021Labour and Employment LawOBA Randall Echlin Mentorship Award [WEBCAST ONLY]
24-02-2021Career and Business DevelopmentArtificial Intelligence Tools and Algorithmic Bias: What Lawyers Must Know [WEBCAST ONLY]No 30m 30m
23-02-2021Business LawUnderstanding Corporate Reorganizations: Amalgamations, Liquidations and Wind-Ups [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h
23-02-2021Family Law, Pensions and Benefits Law, Wills, Estates & TrustsKey Intersection Points of Pensions and Benefits Law with Family and Trusts and Estates Law [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
22-02-2021Career and Business DevelopmentOBA Blocko – Your Virtual Community Block Party [WEBCAST ONLY]
19-02-2021Young LawyersWinter bLaws: Virtual Edition [WEBCAST ONLY]
18-02-2021Career and Business DevelopmentAssessing Credibility in a Virtual WorldNo 30m 30m
18-02-2021Real PropertyUnderstanding Title Insurance:
Surveys, GST/HST Liens, Fraud, and Building Permit Claims [WEBCAST ONLY]
No2h 30m 30m
17-02-2021Bankruptcy and Insolvency LawA Primer on US Chapter 11 Bankruptcy [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
16-02-2021Entertainment Law, Media Law5G and Beyond: The Latest in Telecommunications Law [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
10-02-2021Privacy and Access LawPrivacy Law Implications for In-House Counsel of the Digital Charter Implementation Act (Bill C-11) [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
10-02-2021Class ActionsCurrent Issues in Securities Class Actions: Materiality and the Public Correction [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
09-02-2021Young LawyersVirtual Advocacy Basics for Young Lawyers [WEBCAST ONLY]No 30m 30m
08-02-2021Health LawEffective Advocacy Before Health Discipline Committees [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
04-02-2021Environmental, Energy and Resources Law, Municipal LawINSTITUTE SERIES – Building Communities [WEBCAST ONLY]
03-02-2021Business Law, Family Law, Wills, Estates & TrustsINSTITUTE SERIES – Serving The Family:
Critical Insights on Issues Impacting Families in Corporate, Estates and Family Law [WEBCAST ONLY]
01-02-2021Career and Business DevelopmentRoll Out To Recovery: Speaker Series
Your Vaccine Questions Answered: Safety and Effectiveness in the Context of Rapid Approval and More [WEBCAST ONLY]
30-01-2021Career and Business DevelopmentOBA Annual General Meeting [WEBCAST ONLY]
29-01-2021StudentsOBA Edge Live Zoom Chat
Ace Your Virtual Interview [WEBCAST ONLY]
28-01-2021Labour and Employment LawVaccination Requirements and Other Pandemic Related Issues in the Workplace [WEBCAST ONY] No1h 30m
28-01-2021Business LawBusiness Law Section Winter Social [Zoom Event]
28-01-2021Citizenship and Immigration LawYour Critical Update on What is Happening at Ontario Ports of EntryNo1h 30m
28-01-2021Career and Business Development, French Speaking LawyersBilan 2020 : survol des arrêts clés de l’année rendus par les cours d’appel
Hindsight 2020: Key Appellate Decisions from the Past Year
No1h 15m 15m
27-01-2021Tax Law2020 Tax Law Developments: Impact and Future ImplicationsNo1h 30m
27-01-2021Bankruptcy and Insolvency LawKey Bankruptcy and Insolvency Issues in Personal Injury Law [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
27-01-2021Young LawyersStocking Your Resilience Toolbox:
Proactive Stress Management [WEBCAST ONLY]
26-01-2021Constitutional and Human Rights Law, Pensions and Benefits LawThe Impact of the SCC’s Decision in Fraser on Pensions Law and Beyond [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
26-01-2021Women LawyersOBA WLF & GLC: Speed Mentoring 2021 [WEBCAST ONLY]
21-01-2021Women LawyersPathways to Power: Women in Access to Justice [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
18-01-2021Real PropertyDevelopments in Condominium Law Arising from the Pandemic [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
14-01-2021Real PropertyOBA Award of Excellence in Real Estate [WEBCAST ONLY]
14-01-2021Wills, Estates & TrustsA Conversation with Experienced Estate Planners [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
13-01-2021Young LawyersCall Forward: Series for Articling Students and LPP Candidates
Skill Builder Session 4 [WEBCAST ONLY]