2020 Hours

DatePractice AreaProgram NameLawPROSubstantive HoursProf. HoursEDI Hours
10-12-2020Career and Business Development2020-2021 Trusts & Estates Law Planners Passport Series (4 Webcast Programs)No
18-11-2020Civil LitigationPACKAGED WEBCAST PROGRAMS: "eDiscovery 101" & "Ontario Digital Evidence & eDiscovery Institute"No1h 30m
15-10-2020Wills, Estates & Trusts2020-2021 Trusts & Estates Law Litigators Passport Series (4 Webcast Programs)
06-10-2020Environmental, Energy and Resources Law2020-2021 Environmental Passport Webcast Series - The Dirt on Brownfield Redevelopments (3 Programs)No1h 30m
09-09-2020Young LawyersCall Forward: A Series for Articling Students and LPP Candidates
06-08-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsEssential Evidence Series for Estate Litigators (4 Part Series)No2h
05-08-2020Career and Business DevelopmentFoundations in Judicial Competencies: Certificate Program (8 Part Zoom Webinar Series)
21-07-2020Family LawMotions to Change: Your Complete Guide (2 Part Package)
15-07-2020Child and Youth LawRepresenting the Teenage Parent [2 Part Program]No 30m
06-05-2020Career and Business DevelopmentEnhance Your Wellbeing: Fortify Your Reserves and Recharge During These Uncertain Times (2 Part Series)No1h
05-05-2020Canadian Corporate CounselReturning To Work – Employer Considerations (3 part series)No1h
06-03-2020Young LawyersPACKAGED WEBCAST PROGRAMS: "Your First Civil Trial" and "Divine Discoveries: Building a Great Case"Yes2h 30m 30m
06-03-2020Young LawyersPACKAGED PROGRAMS: "Your First Civil Trial" and "Divine Discoveries: Building a Great Case"Yes2h 30m 30m
18-02-2020Labour and Employment LawLabour and Employment Law Breakfast Series
Simplified Procedure and Small Claims Changes: Impacts for Your Employment Law Practice
No1h 15m 15m
18-02-2020Labour and Employment LawLabour and Employment Law Breakfast Series
Simplified Procedure and Small Claims Changes: Impacts for Your Employment Law Practice
No1h 15m 15m
15-12-2020Canadian Corporate CounselFairness, Accommodation and Procedural Efficiency in Workplace Investigations [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
14-12-2020Young LawyersYoung Lawyers Division – East: Virtual Holiday Social [WEBCAST ONLY]
14-12-2020Labour and Employment LawKey Professionalism Issues for Labour and Employment Lawyers [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h 30m 30m
11-12-2020Career and Business DevelopmentEnsuring Effective Participation in the Justice System for Individuals Experiencing Sight Loss [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
10-12-2020Business LawOBA Lauren D. Rachlin Award For Excellence In International Business Law [WEBCAST ONLY]
10-12-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsTackling Ethical and Professionalism Challenges in Trusts and Estates Law [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 15m 45m
10-12-2020Practice ManagementConstructive Workplace Conversations: Embrace the Uncomfortable [WEBCAST]No1h
10-12-2020Education LawLegal Considerations for Staff and Students in the Education System in 2021 [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
10-12-2020Career and Business DevelopmentTaxing Times for Lawyer-Parents: Managing Burnout [WEBCAST ONLY]
09-12-2020Labour and Employment Law2020 Employment Caselaw Update [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
09-12-2020Elder LawSafety in Long-Term Care: Making Sense of the Gillese Report and Government Response [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
09-12-2020Environmental, Energy and Resources LawLegal Considerations Facing Mining Companies During the Pandemic [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
08-12-2020Career and Business DevelopmentDBplus – A Defined Benefit Pension Plan for Law Firms [WEBCAST ONLY]
07-12-2020Career and Business DevelopmentMundell Medal for Legal Writing Award [WEBCAST ONLY]
07-12-2020Career and Business DevelopmentRODA’s 6th Annual Diversity Conference in Partnership with the OBA: Disruption Ignites Change [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes3h5h
03-12-2020Bankruptcy and Insolvency LawAccess to Insolvency Services Among Racialized and Minority Communities [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes1h 30m
03-12-2020Civil LitigationPro Bono Opportunities for Litigators [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
03-12-2020Municipal LawProfessionalism in Municipal and Planning Law [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes2h 15m1h
03-12-2020Alternative Dispute ResolutionOBA Award of Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
02-12-2020Criminal JusticeLegal Professionals and Trauma in the Criminal Justice System [WEBCAST ONLY]No 15m1h 15m
02-12-2020SAGDAAnnual Holiday Social [Zoom Event]
02-12-2020Intellectual Property, TechnologyThe “Next Normal”: Emerging Technologies For Today’s Challenges [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
02-12-2020Workers Compensation LawWSIB Benefits While Working from Home: What You Need to Know [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
02-12-2020Tax LawProfessionalism and Ethical Issues for Tax Lawyers [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h2h
02-12-2020Class Actions12th Annual Class Actions Colloquium: Litigating Class Actions Claims Amidst Profound Change [WEBCAST ONLY]No4h 45m1h 15m
01-12-2020Young LawyersNot Quite Right: Imposter Syndrome in Young Lawyers [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
30-11-2020Women LawyersPublic Speaking & Social Media Strategy: An Intersectional Discussion on the Unique Issues that #WomenInLaw Face Both Online and In-Person [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
30-11-2020Franchise LawThe 19th Annual OBA Franchise Law Conference - Franchising 2020: Franchising During Turbulent Times [WEBCAST ONLY]No4h 45m1h
27-11-2020Privacy and Access LawA Discussion with Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner on What the Future Holds for Privacy LawsNo1h
27-11-2020Insurance LawCOVID-19 Liability Protection & Coverage [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
26-11-2020Class ActionsThe Fundamentals of Class Actions Law [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h 15m 30m
26-11-2020Construction Law, Young LawyersConstruction Law Primer [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h 30m
26-11-2020Young LawyersMicroaggressions in the Workplace: How Young Lawyers Can Affect Change [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
26-11-2020Municipal LawLPAT Think Tank: Future Directions, Updates and Best Practices for Lawyers and Planners [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
26-11-2020Insurance Law[PROGRAM POSTPONED to Spring 2021] Prosecuting and Defending COVID-Related Insurance Claims [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
26-11-2020Environmental, Energy and Resources LawAdvanced Environmental Law Practitioner Roundtable [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
25-11-2020Civil LitigationOntario Digital Evidence & eDiscovery Institute [WEBCAST ONLY]No6h
25-11-2020Canadian Corporate CounselKey IP Issues and Trends for In-House Counsel [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
24-11-2020Business LawCommercial Agreements Bootcamp 2020 [WEBCAST ONLY]No5h 30m
24-11-2020Students, Young LawyersCall Forward: Build Your Career with Virtual Networking Skills [WEBCAST ONLY]
24-11-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsCommon Estate Planning Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them: Advice from Estate Litigators [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h 30m
24-11-2020Administrative Law, Child and Youth Law, Family Law, Public SectorExploring the Ontario Ombudsman’s New Mandate on Services to Children and Youth [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
23-11-2020Elder LawExploring the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for Practitioners [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 45m 15m
20-11-2020Family Law, Young LawyersFamily Law Basics [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes2h 45m 45m
20-11-2020Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, Wills, Estates & TrustsInsolvent and Bankrupt Estates: Legal Considerations and Solutions [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
20-11-2020Career and Business DevelopmentCreative Solutions for Collecting Accounts Receivable While Preserving Client Relationships [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
19-11-2020Career and Business DevelopmentOBA Lawyers Read “Not Your Penance”
19-11-2020Citizenship and Immigration LawPracticing Immigration Law in Today’s World: Practice Management Advice for Your Remote Workplace [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
19-11-2020Career and Business DevelopmentMaster Remote Commissioning and the Effective Management of Digital Documents: A South West Event [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
19-11-2020Career and Business DevelopmentWhat Do Our Clients Want From Us – What We Can Learn From Our Corporate Clients [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
18-11-2020Civil LitigationMaximizing the Expert Witness in Civil Litigation [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h 15m1h 15m
18-11-2020Public SectorHow to Work With Self-Represented Parties in Your Public Law Practice [WEBCAST ONLY]No 30m1h
18-11-2020Civil LitigationeDiscovery 101 [WEBCAST PROGRAM]No1h 30m
17-11-2020Labour and Employment Law, Young LawyersLabour Law Basics [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h 15m 45m
17-11-2020Health LawHealth Law & Privacy of Patients – What you Need to Know in These Unprecedented Times [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
16-11-2020Labour and Employment LawEmployment Contracts: Understanding What’s in Them and Whether it’s Enforceable [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
16-11-2020Practice ManagementManaging Partner Roundtable
Check-In Forum
16-11-2020Bankruptcy and Insolvency LawLitigation Funding in Insolvency Proceedings [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
13-11-2020Administrative LawAdvocacy in Administrative Law: Persuading Judges and Tribunals in a Virtual World [WEBCAST ONLY]No 30m2h 30m
13-11-2020Pensions and Benefits LawMOF/OSFI/CRA/FSRA Forum 2020 [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h 30m
12-11-2020Charity LawNot For Profit and Charity Insurance in Times of Global Uncertainty [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
12-11-2020Wills, Estates & Trusts[POSTPONED TO January 14, 2021] A Conversation with Experienced Estate Planners [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
12-11-2020Construction LawCritical Employment, Labour and Health & Safety Issues Impacting the Construction Industry [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
12-11-2020Civil Litigation, Insurance LawEthics and Civility in Litigation in the Changing Social Dynamic [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes2h 15m 45m
11-11-2020Young LawyersCall Forward: Series for Articling Students and LPP Candidates
Skill Builder Session 3 [WEBCAST ONLY]
10-11-2020Real Property, Young LawyersYour First Commercial Leasing Transaction [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes3h 30m
10-11-2020Alternative Dispute ResolutionADR Fall Section Social [WEBCAST ONLY]
10-11-2020Entertainment LawHelp Me Help You – A Mentoring Event for the Next Generation of Entertainment, Media and Communications Lawyers [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 15m
09-11-2020Tax LawTax Treatment of Executive Compensation: Cross-Border Issues and Spin Off and Butterfly Transactions [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
06-11-2020Family LawMotions to Change: Spousal Support Variation [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h 30m 30m
06-11-2020Workers Compensation LawVirtual Lunch with the WSIAT Chair and Ron Ellis Award Presentation [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
05-11-2020Career and Business Development, French Speaking LawyersUne mise à jour essentielle sur l’impact de la pandémie en 2020: les contrats, l’assurance, et le droit de la faillite
A Key Update on the Impact of the Pandemic in 2020: Contracts, Insurance and Bankruptcy Law
No1h 30m
04-11-2020Business LawPrivate M&A Agreements [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
30-10-2020Career and Business DevelopmentA Written Financial Plan – The Life-Cycle of Your Money [WEBCAST ONLY]
29-10-2020Wills, Estates & Trusts, Young LawyersWills and Estate Planning: A Primer [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes2h 30m1h
29-10-2020Technology, Young LawyersFundamentals of Intellectual Property Law for Emerging Clients [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h
28-10-2020Canadian Corporate CounselHelping Boards and Management Prepare for the Unexpected [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
28-10-2020Alternative Dispute ResolutionTackling Systemic Bias While Building More Inclusive ADR Practices [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
28-10-2020Bankruptcy and Insolvency LawInsolvency Practice 101 – Starting By Stopping (Stays) [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
27-10-2020Civil LitigationMastering Summary Judgment Motions [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h
27-10-2020Administrative LawAnnual Update on Judicial Review [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
26-10-2020Elder Law, Wills, Estates & TrustsYour Comprehensive Guide to Section 3 Counsel under the Substitute Decisions Act [WEBCAST ONLY]No4h2h 30m
22-10-2020Construction LawConstruction Claims in the Current Environment: Insights from Contractors, Owners and Consultants [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
22-10-2020Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, Young LawyersBankruptcy Basics [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes3h 30m
22-10-2020Public SectorWelcome to the Practice of Public Law: Exploring Careers in the Broader Public Sector [WEBCAST ONLY]No 30m1h
21-10-2020Career and Business DevelopmentManaging Parenting Stress During COVID-19…and Beyond [WEBCAST ONLY]
20-10-2020Business Law8th Annual Professionalism Issues for Business Lawyers [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h 30m
20-10-2020Family LawResolution in a Virtual World: Maximizing Interpersonal Client Communications and Negotiations Remotely for Family Law Practitioners [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
20-10-2020Insurance LawWorking with Insurers: Practical Insights for Defence Counsel and Insurers [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes1h 30m
19-10-2020Criminal JusticeRemote Criminal Trial Demonstration Debrief [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
16-10-2020Child and Youth LawBest Practices for Improving Outcomes for Cross-Over Youth: Lessons Learned from the Cross-Over Youth Project [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 15m 15m
15-10-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsMastering Minutes of Settlement [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
15-10-2020Career and Business DevelopmentDecolonizing Democracy: Centering Indigenous Resilience in Public Institutions
15-10-2020Aboriginal LawCritical Issues in the Enforcement of Indigenous Laws [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h
14-10-2020Young LawyersCall Forward: Series for Articling Students and LPP Candidates
Skill Builder Session 2 [WEBCAST ONLY]
14-10-2020Criminal Justice, Young LawyersCriminal Law Primer [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h 30m 30m
14-10-2020Labour and Employment LawLitigating An Employment File – The Essential CourseNo5h 30m1h
14-10-2020International LawCUSMA: A Look at Key Features of the New Agreement [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
13-10-2020Tax LawSpeed Mentoring: Practical Advice on Succeeding as a Young Tax Lawyer [WEBCAST ONLY]No 30m1h 30m
08-10-2020Charity LawTechnical Considerations When Charities “Join Forces” with Other Organizations [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
07-10-2020Constitutional and Human Rights Law19th Annual Charter Conference [WEBCAST ONLY]No4h 30m
07-10-2020Health LawProfessional Regulation and Discipline of Health Professionals – How the Landscape Has Changed [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
06-10-2020Career and Business DevelopmentAdjusting to a New Normal: How to Manage Stress and Anxiety [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
06-10-2020Pensions and Benefits LawPensions and Benefits 18th Annual Hot Spots: The New Normal [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
06-10-2020Environmental, Energy and Resources LawChanges in the Regulation of Excess Soil [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
01-10-2020Citizenship and Immigration LawA Conversation with Service Canada: Critical Insights on the Labour Market Impact Assessment Process [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
30-09-2020Elder Law, Real Property, Tax Law, Wills, Estates & TrustsUtilizing Real Estate Transfers for Estate Planning Purposes [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 45m 15m
30-09-2020Women LawyersWomen Lawyers Forum: Virtual Social [WEBCAST ONLY]
30-09-2020Construction LawVirtual Litigation in Construction Law: Are You Ready?No1h 30m
30-09-2020Business LawBuying and Selling a Business: A Comprehensive Guide [WEBCAST ONLY]No5h1h
29-09-2020Alternative Dispute Resolution, Young LawyersVirtual Mediation Bootcamp and Mentorship Roundtable: Your Essential Guide to Excelling at Mediation [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h 30m 15m 15m
29-09-2020Environmental, Energy and Resources LawKey Changes in the Environmental Assessment Act – What You Need to Know Following the Passage of Bill 197 [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
25-09-2020Family LawEleventh Annual Bread and Butter Issues in Family Law [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h 15m 45m
24-09-2020Construction LawOBA Award of Excellence in Construction and Infrastructure Law [WEBCAST ONLY]
23-09-2020Career and Business DevelopmentFoundations in Judicial Competencies: Certificate Program
Session 8: Basics of Judicial Decision Writing [WEBCAST ONLY]
No1h 30m
23-09-2020Constitutional and Human Rights Law, Criminal JusticeCritical Legal Issues in Race and Policing: An Essential Series [WEBCAST ONLY]No 15m
23-09-2020Education LawSpotlight on Anti-Black and Anti-Indigenous Racism in the Education System [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
22-09-2020Tax LawAdvising your clients amidst financial uncertainty: Summer 2020 tax developments [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
22-09-2020Canadian Corporate CounselManaging Litigation Files as In House Counsel [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
17-09-2020Privacy and Access LawPrivacy Across Borders [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h 30m
16-09-2020Labour and Employment Law, Workers Compensation LawCritical Workplace Safety and Insurance Developments that all lawyers need to know [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h 45m 15m
16-09-2020Career and Business DevelopmentFoundations in Judicial Competencies: Certificate Program
Session 7: Basics of Judicial Reasoning [WEBCAST ONLY]
No1h 30m
15-09-2020Young LawyersKeys to Establishing a Successful Legal Career in Private Practice [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
14-09-2020Civil LitigationWriting Persuasive Legal Documents
No1h 45m1h 45m
09-09-2020Young LawyersCall Forward: Series for Articling Students and LPP Candidates
Skill Builder Session 1 [WEBCAST ONLY]
09-09-2020Career and Business DevelopmentFoundations in Judicial Competencies: Certificate Program
Session 6: Managing the Courtroom: Setting the Stage, Interactions with Counsel and Witnesses [WEBCAST ONLY
02-09-2020Career and Business DevelopmentFoundations in Judicial Competencies: Certificate Program
Session 5: Exploring Unconscious Bias, Raising Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity [WEBCAST ONLY]
No1h 30m
27-08-2020Alternative Dispute Resolution, Labour and Employment LawADR Clauses and Employment Contracts: Impact of Uber v. Heller [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes1h 30m
27-08-2020Labour and Employment LawEnd of the Declared Emergency – What it Means for Employers and Employees [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
26-08-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsEssential Evidence Series for Estate Litigators - Part 4 [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
26-08-2020Career and Business DevelopmentFoundations in Judicial Competencies: Certificate Program
Session 4: Overturned: Insights from Appeals Court Judges [WEBCAST ONLY]
26-08-2020Family LawUnique Property Challenges That Arise From Separating During Economic Uncertainty [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
25-08-2020Constitutional and Human Rights Law, Public SectorEmergency Powers Beyond the Emergency: How Bill 195 Will Affect Your Clients’ Rights in the Year AheadNo1h 30m
20-08-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsEssential Evidence Series for Estate Litigators - Part 3No2h 15m
20-08-2020Insurance LawCOVID-19 Business Interruption Claims: Interpreting the Policy Wordings [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
19-08-2020Career and Business DevelopmentFoundations in Judicial Competencies: Certificate Program
Session 3: Equality and Impartiality [WEBCAST ONLY]
19-08-2020Constitutional and Human Rights LawExploring a Lawyer’s Obligation to Accommodate Clients [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
19-08-2020Bankruptcy and Insolvency LawInsolvency Filings 101 [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
19-08-2020Tax LawLegislative Update on COVID-19 Measures: 'CEWS' Assessment and Dispute Timelines and Re-opening of the Tax Court [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
17-08-2020Civil Litigation, Real PropertyRemote Commissioning – What You Need to Know [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes1h
14-08-2020Education LawTop Legal Issues for Education Workers in Fall 2020 [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
12-08-2020Civil LitigationMastering Examinations for Discovery [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes2h 45m 30m
11-08-2020Career and Business DevelopmentFoundations in Judicial Competencies: Certificate Program
Session 2: Judicial Independence, Integrity and Diligence [WEBCAST ONLY]
11-08-2020Class ActionsThe New World of Ontario Class Actions: A Roundtable [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
10-08-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsEssential Evidence Series for Estate Litigators - Part 2 [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
06-08-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsEssential Evidence Series for Estate Litigators - Part 1 [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
06-08-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsOBA Town Hall with the Attorney General
[Zoom only]
05-08-2020Insurance LawA Key Update on Accident Benefits [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h
05-08-2020Career and Business DevelopmentFoundations in Judicial Competencies: Certificate Program
Session 1: The Judicial Application and Appointment Process [WEBCAST ONLY]
No1h 30m
29-07-2020Child and Youth LawRepresenting the Teenage Parent
Part 2: Supports and Strategies [WEBCAST ONLY]
No 30m 30m
28-07-2020Canadian Corporate CounselLatest Contract Trends and Developments [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
28-07-2020Criminal JusticeExploring the Civil Legal Impacts of Criminal Justice Involvement [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
27-07-2020Career and Business DevelopmentOBA East Region Virtual Social [Zoom]
22-07-2020Aboriginal Law[PROGRAM CANCELLED] PPSC Enforcement of Section 81 COVID-Related By-LawsNo1h
22-07-2020Entertainment Law, Media LawEsports Law: Financing, Intellectual Property and Other Key Legal Issues [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
22-07-2020Education LawWhat Does a Child’s Meaningful Access to Education Look Like for Fall 2020 [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
21-07-2020Real PropertyReal Estate Transaction Issues Arising From the Global Crisis [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
21-07-2020Family LawMotions to Change: Your Complete Guide
Part 1: Everything You Need to Know About Motions to Change [WEBCAST ONLY]
No1h 30m
21-07-2020Family LawMotions to Change: Your Complete Guide
Part 2: Navigating Motions To Change In The Covid Era [WEBCAST ONLY]
No2h 15m
16-07-2020Women LawyersLaw Reform Approaches to Technology-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence and Abuse [WEBCAST ONLY]No 30m 30m
16-07-2020Civil LitigationUpdate on Key Limitation Issues [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
15-07-2020Practice ManagementManaging Partner Roundtable
Check-In Forum: Round 5 [Zoom Conferencing]
15-07-2020Administrative Law, Constitutional and Human Rights LawTribunals Ontario on What the Future Holds: A Virtual Discussion [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
15-07-2020Child and Youth LawRepresenting the Teenage Parent
Part 1: Legal Hotspots [WEBCAST ONLY]
14-07-2020Business LawConsumer Protection Issues in Light of the Global Crisis [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 15m
09-07-2020Women LawyersElder Care Support: Key Strategies for the Lawyer-Caregiver [WEBCAST ONLY]
09-07-2020Environmental, Energy and Resources LawRestart of the Mining Industry – The Main Legal Concerns and Considerations as the Economy Enters Recovery [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
08-07-2020Privacy and Access LawHow the Privacy of Health Care Information Has Changed in the Last Six Months [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
06-07-2020Class ActionsUber v. Heller: Implications of the SCC Decision [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
02-07-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsThe OBA Award of Excellence in Trusts and Estates Law
28-06-2020SAGDA[EVENT POSTPONED] 2020 Pride Parade
25-06-2020Child and Youth Law, Privacy and Access LawNew Privacy Obligations under the Child, Youth and Family Services Act [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
25-06-2020Public SectorThe Changing Face of Regulation:
Understanding the Impact of the Crisis on Regulatory Law [WEBCAST ONLY]
25-06-2020Municipal LawOBA Award of Excellence in Municipal Law
24-06-2020Franchise LawFranchising in Uncertain Times: Critical Commercial Lease, Employment, Insolvency and System Management Issues in a Franchise Context [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
24-06-2020Alternative Dispute ResolutionVirtual Dispute Resolution: Practical Solutions to the Challenges of Online ADR [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
23-06-2020Women LawyersManaging Remote Work from Home: Key Strategies and Support for the Lawyer-Parent [WEBCAST ONLY]
23-06-2020Young LawyersYLD North Virtual Summer Social [WEBCAST ONLY]
23-06-2020Real PropertyImpact and Implications of Ontario’s Temporary Ban on Commercial Evictions [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
23-06-2020Family LawRecent Family Law Decisions, Court Operations Update and Surviving Vicarious Trauma [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
22-06-2020Career and Business DevelopmentHow To Be An Ally By Design [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
18-06-2020Career and Business DevelopmentAccess to Justice: How To Be An Ally [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h1h
17-06-2020Students, Young LawyersAre You Feeling the Pinch?
Financial Planning in Precarious Times [WEBCAST ONLY]
17-06-2020Elder LawCapacity for Lawyers: Elder and Corporate Client Matters [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
16-06-2020Pensions and Benefits Law[EVENT POSTPONED] OBA Award of Excellence in Pensions & Benefits Law
16-06-2020Career and Business DevelopmentStrategies for Managing Your Wellness During a Crisis [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
16-06-2020Criminal JusticeEffectively Conducting Electronic Criminal Trials & OBA Award of Excellence in Criminal Justice [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
15-06-2020Workers Compensation Law[PROGRAM POSTPONED] An Evening with the WSIAT ChairNo 30m
15-06-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsInnovation In Trusts & Estates Law [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h 15m
12-06-2020Young LawyersInsights into Advocacy at the Supreme Court of Canada [WEBCAST ONLY]No 30m 30m
12-06-2020Intellectual Property, TechnologyThe Future of IP Litigation: Virtual Court Processes and What It Means to Your Practice [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
10-06-2020Young LawyersCannabis Law Primer [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
10-06-2020Business Law"MBA" in a Day - for Lawyers [Webcast Only]No6h
10-06-2020Pensions and Benefits LawPensions and Benefits Law as it Evolves in Today’s Changing Climate [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
10-06-2020Health LawOBA Health Law Section Year End Program and Award Presentation [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 15m
10-06-2020Citizenship and Immigration LawNavigating the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
09-06-2020Labour and Employment LawSocial Tuesday on Zoom
09-06-2020Practice ManagementManaging Partner Roundtable
Check-In Forum: Round 4 (via Zoom Conferencing)
08-06-2020Labour and Employment LawMastering the Simplified Employment Law Trial [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 15m 15m
05-06-2020Career and Business DevelopmentExplorez les marchés juridiques et les nouvelles opportunités pour les francophones (Webinaire Zoom Seulement)No1h
05-06-2020Career and Business DevelopmentLitigation Issues Arising from the Global Crisis [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
04-06-2020Labour and Employment LawHow the New Infectious Disease Emergency Leave Impacts Employers and Employees [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
04-06-2020Young LawyersBeyond the Billable Hour:
Practice Management Skills [WEBCAST ONLY]
04-06-2020Alternative Dispute Resolution, Class ActionsClass Actions and Arbitration: Where Do They Intersect? [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
04-06-2020Insurance Law[PROGRAM POSTPONED] Going Under Cover: Coverage for Non-Coverage LawyersNo3h
03-06-2020Real PropertyDeferrals, Abatements and Insolvencies: Issues in Commercial Leasing [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
02-06-2020Business Law18th Annual OSC, TSX and IIROC Update [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h 30m
02-06-2020Environmental, Energy and Resources Law[PROGRAM POSTPONED TO FALL 2020] Advanced Environmental Law Practitioner RoundtableNo1h 30m
02-06-2020Career and Business DevelopmentStrengthen Your Leadership Skills with Emotional Intelligence [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
01-06-2020Young Lawyers[PROGRAM POSTPONED] Intensive Discovery WorkshopNo5h 15m
01-06-2020Education LawAccommodation in Post Secondary Education [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
29-05-2020Family Law, SAGDAProstitution, Stigma, and the Best Interests of Children [WEBCAST ONLY]No 30m 30m
29-05-2020Career and Business DevelopmentTechnology and Other Hacks By Design
28-05-2020Bankruptcy and Insolvency LawA Chat with the Bench and An Evening Social for the Insolvency Bar [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes 30m
28-05-2020Insurance LawLitigating and Defending Insurance Broker’s Negligence Claims [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h
28-05-2020Career and Business DevelopmentYour Guide to Emotional Freedom: Try These Specialized Techniques to Help Release Stress [WEBCAST ONLY]
28-05-2020Labour and Employment LawStrategic Advice for Navigating Simplified Procedure in Employment Files under the Revised Rules [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 15m 15m
28-05-2020Career and Business DevelopmentFireside Chat with Superior Court of Justice
27-05-2020Class ActionsPandemic-Related Class Actions - What Are They and How Will They Change the Law and Landscape [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
27-05-2020Tax LawThe Evolving Landscape of Tax Disputes: What Today and Tomorrow Hold [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
26-05-2020Citizenship and Immigration LawOntario Ports of Entry: 12 Challenging Situations and How to Navigate Them in the Current Environment [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
26-05-2020Bankruptcy and Insolvency LawAlternatives to Bankruptcy: Helping Your Clients Choose the Best Option [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes1h
22-05-2020Career and Business DevelopmentMaking Diversity Work – Moving Beyond Paper [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
21-05-2020Young Lawyers[PROGRAM POSTPONED] Oral Advocacy Boot CampNo2h 45m 45m
21-05-2020Health LawLong-Term Care: Legal Concerns of Residents, Staff and Homes [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
21-05-2020Family LawMoving Family Matters Forward - Best Practices for Advocacy and Moving Your Clients’ Matters Forward in the Current Environment [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
21-05-2020StudentsArticling Abridgement – A Practical “How To” [WEBCAST ONLY]
21-05-2020Environmental, Energy and Resources LawNavigating Environmental Compliance and Risk During and After a Public Health Emergency [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
20-05-2020Insurance Law[EVENT POSTPONED] OBA Award of Excellence in Insurance Law
20-05-2020Construction Law[PROGRAM POSTPONED to Fall 2020] Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Potential Pitfalls Along the Road to Applying the New Construction ActNo2h 15m
20-05-2020Administrative Law, Constitutional and Human Rights Law, Labour and Employment LawAnnual Update on Human Rights [WEBCAST ONLY]No6h 30m
20-05-2020Privacy and Access LawWorkplace Reopening - Cyber Security Considerations when ‘At Home‘ Work Devices Move Back to the Office [Webcast Only]No1h
19-05-2020Canadian Corporate CounselReturning To Work – Employer Considerations
What will a return to work look like Part 2....When the Dust Settles....[WEBCAST ONLY]
15-05-2020Labour and Employment LawWorkplace Reopening and Returning Employees - Employment Standards Considerations [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
15-05-2020StudentsBar Exam Review Tips: How to Prepare for Your Rescheduled Bar Examination [WEBCAST ONLY]
14-05-2020Labour and Employment Law, Tax LawEmployment & Tax Issues: Uncertain Times, Innovative Solutions [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
14-05-2020International LawHow to Pivot in Uncertain Times: Navigating Supply Chain Risk and Disruption [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
14-05-2020Civil LitigationRecent Key Developments in Contract Law [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h
13-05-2020General Practice, Solo & Small Firm, Practice ManagementOnboarding New Hires in a Time of Workplace Restrictions [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
13-05-2020Career and Business DevelopmentRemote Hearings: Best Practices to Prepare for and Successfully Attend an Electronic Hearing [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
13-05-2020Young LawyersCall Forward: Series for Articling Students and LPP Candidates
Skill Builder Session 7 [WEBCAST ONLY]
13-05-2020Criminal JusticeCritical Update on Bail and Sentencing [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
13-05-2020Career and Business DevelopmentOBA Virtual Witnessing (WEBCAST ONLY)
13-05-2020Workers Compensation Law2020 Vision – How We See Current Issues in Workplace Safety and Insurance Law [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h 45m1h 15m
13-05-2020Career and Business DevelopmentComplimentary Guided Meditation for CBA Members [WEBCAST ONLY]
12-05-2020Canadian Corporate CounselReturning To Work – Employer Considerations
What will a return to work look like Part 1? [WEBCAST ONLY]
12-05-2020Privacy and Access LawPrivacy and Access in Connected and Automated Vehicles [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
12-05-2020StudentsOverview of Government Supports for Students
12-05-2020Aboriginal LawThe Essentials of Aboriginal Economic Development Deals [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 45m1h 15m
11-05-2020Administrative Law, Child and Youth Law, Family Law, Public Sector[PROGRAM POSTPONED] Exploring the Ontario Ombudsman’s New Mandate on Services to Children and YouthNo1h 30m
11-05-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsNavigating the Complexities of Non-Professional Caregivers and Attorneys [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
08-05-2020Labour and Employment LawWorkplace Reopening and Returning Employees: Health and Safety Considerations [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
08-05-2020Career and Business DevelopmentEnhance Your Wellbeing: Fortify Your Reserves and Recharge During These Uncertain Times
Part II: Mental Health Professional Panel [WEBCAST ONLY]
07-05-2020Young LawyersNetworking For Young Lawyers [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
07-05-2020General Practice, Solo & Small FirmRent Relief for Small Firms: Help is Available [WEBCAST ONLY]No 30m
07-05-2020Career and Business DevelopmentSuccession: Ensuring Law Firm Continuity
No1h 30m
07-05-2020Practice ManagementManaging Partner Roundtable
Check-In Forum: Round 3 [WEBCAST ONLY]
06-05-2020Labour and Employment Law18th Annual Current Issues in Employment Law:
Supreme Court Update Edition [WEBCAST ONLY]
No5h 15m1h 15m
06-05-2020Career and Business DevelopmentEnhance Your Wellbeing: Fortify Your Reserves and Recharge During These Uncertain Times
Part I: Peer Support Panel [WEBCAST ONLY]
05-05-2020Environmental, Energy and Resources Law[PROGRAM POSTPONED] Natural Resources and Energy Law: Mentoring for SuccessNo 30m1h
05-05-2020Career and Business DevelopmentGet Up to Speed: Video Conferencing Solutions for Your Practice [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
05-05-2020Canadian Corporate CounselReturning To Work – Employer Considerations
Workforce Management Strategies [WEBCAST ONLY]
04-05-2020Construction LawThe Next Decade in Project Delivery: A Time for Transition [WEBCAST ONLY]No2h
04-05-2020Criminal Justice[PROGRAM POSTPONED]Cannabis Criminality and Crossing the BorderNo1h
04-05-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsPractical Advice and Precedents for Executing Wills and Powers of Attorney in Counterpart [WEBCAST ONLY]No 30m
01-05-2020Civil LitigationVirtual Advocacy: Discoveries, Cross Examinations and Regulatory Examinations [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
01-05-2020Education LawLegal Considerations in the Era of At Home Learning [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
29-04-2020International LawThe International Law DBI Series:
Doing Business in Canada’s Backyard [WEBCAST ONLY]
No1h 30m
28-04-2020Criminal Justice, Young Lawyers[PROGRAM POSTPONED] Criminal Law PrimerNo2h 30m 30m
28-04-2020Environmental, Energy and Resources LawClimate Change and Corporate Social Responsibility (WEBCAST ONLY)No1h 30m
28-04-2020Business LawSecured Transaction Essentials for Business Lawyers [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h 30m
28-04-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsMastering Appeals in Estate, Trust, Power of Attorney and Guardianship Cases – Practice and Procedure [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
27-04-2020Public SectorTransforming Regulation – New Approaches for the Age of Data and Humans [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
27-04-2020Career and Business DevelopmentMastering Virtual Meetings: Best Practices [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 15m
24-04-2020Pensions and Benefits LawPensions Law in Unprecedented Times (WEBCAST ONLY)No1h
22-04-2020Elder LawCapacity for Lawyers: The Older Adult Client - A Lawyer's Tool Kit [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
22-04-2020Constitutional and Human Rights Law, Elder LawEmergency Measures and the Impact on Older Adults and People with DisabilitiesNo1h
21-04-2020Charity LawLitigation Strategies for Charities and Not-for-Profits [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
21-04-2020Young LawyersToday’s Advocacy Challenge: Mastering Remote Interactions with the CourtsNo 45m 15m
21-04-2020Canadian Corporate Counsel[PROGRAM POSTPONED] Key IP Issues and Trends for In-House CounselNo1h 30m
21-04-2020Wills, Estates & Trusts[POSTPONED to Fall 2020] Dinner with Your Honourable Estates List JudgesNo1h
20-04-2020Labour and Employment LawRemote Labour Arbitrations [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
20-04-2020Labour and Employment LawLitigating Wrongful Dismissal Files in Small Claims Court [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 15m 15m
17-04-2020Child and Youth LawAccess, Youth Services and Other Challenges in Child Welfare [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
17-04-2020Civil LitigationVirtual Mediations and Remote Resolutions [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
17-04-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsBest Practices for Virtual Witnessing of Wills and Powers of Attorney [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
16-04-2020Alternative Dispute Resolution[PROGRAM POSTPONED]Navigating the Tax Consequences of Settling Commercial DisputesNo1h 30m
16-04-2020Real PropertyCritical Condominium Law Issues: Access to Property, Condominium Liens and Status Certificates [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
15-04-2020General Practice, Solo & Small FirmPressing Practice Management Issues In Uncertain Times [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
15-04-2020StudentsOBA Edge Live Zoom Chat - Retain Your Exam Prep! [WEBCAST ONLY]
15-04-2020Civil LitigationTop Appeals of 2019 from the Court of Appeal for Ontario [WEBCAST ONLY]Yes1h 45m 15m
14-04-2020Career and Business DevelopmentThe Virtual Mentor: Recalibrate and ReconnectNo1h
14-04-2020Family Law“Urgency” Update and Expanded Court Scope for Family Matters [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
14-04-2020Workers Compensation LawCritical Workplace Coverage Update: Work-Related COVID-19 Claims, Minimizing Workplace Exposure, and Health and Safety Obligations [WEBCAST ONLY]No 45m
08-04-2020Young LawyersCall Forward: Series for Articling Students and LPP Candidates
Skill Builder Session 6 [WEBCAST ONLY]
08-04-2020Charity LawEvent Cancellations, Virtual Meetings and Regulatory Updates for Canadian Charities and Not-for-Profits [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
08-04-2020Practice ManagementLaw Practice Management Check in Series
08-04-2020Career and Business Development, Intellectual Property, TechnologyDiversity and Inclusion in the Courtroom [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
08-04-2020Practice ManagementManaging Partner Roundtable
Check-In Forum: Round 2 [WEBCAST ONLY]
08-04-2020Real PropertyCritical Commercial Lease Issues: Deferrals, Abatements and Continuous Use Clauses [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
08-04-2020Labour and Employment Law[PROGRAM POSTPONED] Current Issues in Labour LawNo3h 15m 15m
07-04-2020Civil Litigation, Intellectual Property, TechnologyLitigation and the Internet – A Tangled Web! [WEBCAST ONLY]No3h
07-04-2020Construction LawCritical Construction Law Issues: Force Majeure Clauses, Limitation Periods and Project Challenges [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
07-04-2020Civil LitigationMaintaining Your Litigation Practice in a Remote Work Environment [CALL IN SERIES]
07-04-2020StudentsOBA Edge Live Zoom Chat - COVID 19 and the Legal Job Market [WEBCAST ONLY]
06-04-2020Constitutional and Human Rights LawHuman Rights Challenges: Family Status Accommodation and Undue Hardship [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
06-04-2020StudentsOBA Edge Live Zoom Chat - Tips for Academic Success in a Remote Environment [WEBCAST ONLY]
03-04-2020Labour and Employment Law, Young LawyersEmployment Law Fundamentals [WEBCAST ONLY]No4h
03-04-2020Franchise LawCritical Franchise Issues: Current Rescission, Lease, Employment and Litigation Concerns
No1h 30m
02-04-2020Career and Business DevelopmentHow to Access New Government Emergency Relief Programs [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
01-04-2020Privacy and Access Law[PROGRAM POSTPONED] Privacy Law SummitNo6h 30m
01-04-2020Career and Business DevelopmentOBA 30-Day Fitness Challenge [ONLINE EVENT]
01-04-2020Privacy and Access LawToday’s Privacy Challenges: Remote Workforces, Consent and Sensitive Personal Information [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
01-04-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsWill Execution, Holograph Wills and Evaluating Capacity [WEBCAST ONLY]No 30m 30m
31-03-2020Family LawUrgent Matters: Defining Urgency and Other Critical Issues Facing Family Lawyers
No1h 15m 15m
27-03-2020Criminal JusticeBail, Parole and Prisoners’ Rights [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
26-03-2020Career and Business DevelopmentOBA Mindful Lawyer Series - Module 20: Elevating Morale and Fostering Resilience In Today’s Climate [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
26-03-2020Elder Law, Health LawEmergency Management, Virtual and In-person Care and Lessons from SARS [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
25-03-2020Practice ManagementManaging Partner Roundtable: Check-In Forum [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
25-03-2020Public SectorEmergency Powers and their Limitations and Protections Against their Arbitrary Use [WEBCAST ONLY]No 45m
25-03-2020International LawExport Controls and Sanctions Update:
Latest Practice Issues and Developments [WEBCAST ONLY]
No1h 30m
24-03-2020Health Law[PROGRAM CANCELLED] Effective Advocacy Before the Consent and Capacity Board Yes1h 30m
24-03-2020Canadian Corporate Counsel[PROGRAM POSTPONED] Annual Corporate Governance UpdateNo1h 30m
24-03-2020Labour and Employment LawRemote Workforce: Employer Obligations, Health & Safety, Privacy and Emergency Changes to ESA [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
24-03-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsNew Decade: New Taxes? Update on U.S. Tax Law for Canadian Trusts and Estates Lawyers [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h 30m
19-03-2020Insurance LawForce Majeure, Contract Cancellations and Occupier’s Liability [WEBCAST ONLY]No1h
11-03-2020Citizenship and Immigration LawGround Shift - What Does Vavilov and the New Standard of Review Mean for your Immigration PracticeNo1h 30m
11-03-2020Young LawyersCall Forward: Series for Articling Students and LPP Candidates
Skill Builder Session 5 [WEBCAST ONLY]
10-03-2020Young LawyersRoundtable on Succeeding as a Female Lawyer in the New DecadeNo1h 30m 30m
09-03-2020Women LawyersWLF Student Mix and Mingle Social
06-03-2020Young LawyersDivine Discoveries: Building a Great CaseYes2h 30m1h
06-03-2020Young LawyersYour First Civil TrialYes3h 30m
05-03-2020Civil LitigationCivil Litigation Section Networking Social
05-03-2020Young Lawyers[SOLD OUT] Alternative Career Paths for LawyersNo 15m
05-03-2020Environmental, Energy and Resources LawDevelopments in Environmental Law for Real Estate TransactionsNo1h 30m
04-03-2020Young LawyersCultural Competency as Your Competitive AdvantageNo1h
04-03-2020Career and Business DevelopmentInternational Women's Day 2020
35th Anniversary of Section 15:
How far we've come, how far we need to go
04-03-2020Labour and Employment LawKey Settlement Issues in Employment LawNo2h
03-03-2020Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, Tax LawThe Intersection of Taxation and InsolvencyNo1h 30m
02-03-2020Civil Litigation[PROGRAM POSTPONED] Professionalism in MotionsYes3h
02-03-2020Entertainment Law, Media LawBreaking the Internet: Current Issues in Broadcasting LawNo1h 30m
27-02-2020Career and Business DevelopmentHow to Effectively Communicate with a Client Who Experiences Hearing LossYes1h
26-02-2020Elder LawCapacity for Lawyers: Elder and Real Estate MattersNo1h 15m 15m
25-02-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsNavigating Current Trends in Dependants’ Support No1h 30m
20-02-2020Practice Management[PROGRAM POSTPONED] Managing Partner Roundtable: Recognizing and Mitigating Threats to Law Firm Data Security
20-02-2020Career and Business DevelopmentOBA Central West Regional Social
20-02-2020Career and Business DevelopmentWe Are All Treaty People – Why We Need To Be AlliesNo1h
20-02-2020Family LawUnbundled Family Legal Services – Where the Rubber Hits the Road #2No2h
18-02-2020Labour and Employment LawChanges to Simplified Procedure and What They Mean for Your Employment Law PracticeNo1h 15m 15m
08-02-2020Criminal JusticeMaking Your Case...
Legal Issues and Strategies for Today's Criminal Cases
No3h2h 15m
07-02-2020Privacy and Access LawConsumer Smart Technologies and Privacy Law in the Decade of ChangeNo3h
07-02-2020Career and Business DevelopmentBreakfast With ChampionsYes1h
07-02-2020Aboriginal LawPractical Perspectives on Hot Topics, Emerging Issues & Game Changing CasesYes2h 30m 30m
07-02-2020Family LawBeyond the (New) Basics: Mastering the New Rules, Revised Guidelines, Amended Legislation, and Recent Cases in Family LawYes5h 30m1h 15m
07-02-2020Municipal LawAdapting To The New Era of Municipal and Planning Law:
The Only Constant is Change
Yes5h 30m 30m
06-02-2020Business LawSuccession Planning For The Small BusinessYes2h 30m 30m
06-02-2020Canadian Corporate CounselLegal Departments and Economic Uncertainty - How to Add Value to Your EmployerYes1h 30m1h 30m
06-02-2020Civil LitigationLitigation in the Digital Age:
A Guide to the Paperless Practice
06-02-2020General Practice, Solo & Small FirmCannabis for BreakfastNo1h
06-02-2020Citizenship and Immigration LawBeyond Categories: Providing Client-Centered Strategies Combining Various Temporary and Permanent Residence SolutionsYes3h
06-02-2020Insurance LawDirectors and Officers:
Liability, Errors and Omissions - What You Need to Know
06-02-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsThe Great Debate: Tackling Unsettled Issues in Trusts and Estates LawYes2h 30m 30m
06-02-2020Canadian Corporate CounselCorporate Counsel Reception
05-02-2020Young LawyersTake Charge of Your Career:
Developing Your Path to Self-Sufficiency
05-02-2020Workers Compensation LawThe Quirky World of Workers' Compensation Law:
Practical and Professional Advice for Navigating Its Intricacies and Oddities
Yes1h 30m 30m
05-02-2020Practice Management20-20 Vision for Marketing Yourself in 2020Yes1h1h
05-02-2020Women LawyersLeaders and Changemakers BreakfastYes2h
05-02-2020Pensions and Benefits LawPensions and Benefits Law:
What to Expect in 2020
05-02-2020Entertainment Law, Media LawExtra, Extra, Learn All About It: Fake News in Entertainment, Media and Communications LawYes2h
05-02-2020Labour and Employment LawThe Independent Contractor and the New EconomyYes2h
05-02-2020Elder LawRights and Limitations on an Attorney Under a Power of AttorneyYes2h
05-02-2020Franchise LawWhat You Need to Know About The Arthur Wishart Act [Franchise Disclosure]Yes2h
05-02-2020Alternative Dispute ResolutionMediation From a Client's PerspectiveNo2h
04-02-2020Real PropertyThe Matrix of Real Estate Law
Nothing Really Changes, or Does it?
Yes2h 30m 30m
04-02-2020Charity LawAudits, Working With Indigenous Communities and Key Updates in Charity & Not-For-Profit LawYes2h 30m 30m
04-02-2020Administrative LawAccommodating Disabilities in Administrative LawNo2h 30m 30m
04-02-2020Environmental, Energy and Resources LawEvolving Liability in the Environmental and Natural Resources Regulatory LandscapeYes3h
04-02-2020Career and Business DevelopmentMindful Awareness and Meditation
Tools to Manage Stress and Improve Performance
04-02-2020Intellectual Property, TechnologyThe Future of Innovation:
Fundamental Shifts in IP and IT Law
Yes2h 45m 15m
04-02-2020Constitutional and Human Rights Law, Health LawKey Constitutional and Human Rights in Health Law & PracticeYes2h
04-02-2020Tax LawNowhere To Hide: Mining For Taxpayer InformationYes2h 30m 30m
04-02-2020Construction LawBuilding Under the New Construction ActYes3h
23-01-2020Practice ManagementManaging Partner Roundtable: Branding Your Law Firm For Your MarketplaceNo1h
22-01-2020Canadian Corporate Counsel, Young Lawyers2020 New Year Social
21-01-2020Wills, Estates & Trusts“Kissing Cousins Reunited”: Focus on Family Law Issues in Estates Planning No1h 30m
17-01-2020Administrative LawA New World for Standard of Review?
Exploring the SCC’s Decision in the Judicial Review Trilogy (WEBCAST ONLY)
15-01-2020Canadian Corporate CounselCorporate Secretaries Forum: Tips for Minute TakingNo1h
15-01-2020Career and Business DevelopmentSimplified Procedure (Rule 76) Actions: Brave New World of ChangesNo1h 30m
09-01-2020Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law[SOLD OUT] Putting on the Red Sash:
A Dialogue with the Bench
08-01-2020Young LawyersCall Forward: Series for Articling Students and LPP Candidates
Skill Builder Session 4 [WEBCAST ONLY]
07-07-2020Constitutional and Human Rights Law, Elder Law[WEBCAST REPLAY] Emergency Measures and the Impact on Older Adults and People with DisabilitiesNo1h
25-06-2020Wills, Estates & Trusts[WEBCAST REPLAY] Practical Advice and Precedents for Executing Wills and Powers of Attorney in CounterpartNo 30m
25-06-2020Wills, Estates & Trusts[WEBCAST REPLAY] Best Practices for Virtual Witnessing of Wills and Powers of AttorneyNo1h
13-02-2020Career and Business DevelopmentTips for Finding a Summer Job in Criminal Law
12-02-2020Career and Business DevelopmentTips for Finding a Summer Job in Government
30-01-2020Career and Business DevelopmentTips for Finding a Summer Job in a Regional Setting
03-12-2020Career and Business DevelopmentA Legal Primer on Tenant Evictions in 2020-2021 (Archived Video Stream)
06-08-2020Wills, Estates & TrustsEssential Evidence Series for Estate Litigators (4 Part Series) (Archived Video Stream)No2h
07-02-2020Municipal LawAdapting To The New Era of Municipal and Planning Law:
The Only Constant is Change [Municipal Law Session] (Archived Video Stream)