2017 Hours

DatePractice AreaProgram NameLawPROSubstantive HoursProf. HoursEDI Hours
16-10-2017Career and Business DevelopmentBundled Program:
1. What We Can Learn from Batman about Maintaining our Sanity (and Ethics) in the Practice of Law
2. Develop Your Cross-Cultural Competency: The Impact of Unconscious Bias in the Practice of Law
12-12-2017Entertainment Law, Media LawRepresenting the Band: Key Issues for Legal CounselNo1h 30m 30m
12-12-2017Young LawyersOBA Holiday Social Hosted by Young Lawyers Division-East
11-12-2017Civil Litigation, Insurance LawEthics, Civility and Zealous Advocacy: How Do They Co-Exist?No3h
08-12-2017SAGDAHoliday Social
08-12-2017Workers Compensation LawCritical Legislative and Policy Update: Chronic Mental Stress and More (Webcast Only)No1h 30m
08-12-2017Environmental, Energy and Resources Law7th Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change UpdateNo3h 30m
08-12-2017Canadian Corporate CounselTop 6 Drafting Clauses for In-House CounselNo1h 30m
07-12-2017Intellectual Property, TechnologyNavigating the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board: From Scientific Review to HearingNo2h
07-12-2017Citizenship and Immigration Law, Criminal JusticeNavigating the Intersection of Criminal and Immigration Law: Fundamentals and Best PracticesNo1h 30m
07-12-2017Municipal LawProfessionalism for Planning & Municipal LawyersNo 30m3h
05-12-2017Real PropertyYour Practical Refinancing ToolkitNo2h 45m 30m
05-12-2017Constitutional and Human Rights Law, Education Law[PROGRAM POSTPONED] Key Charter and Human Rights Developments in Education LawNo1h 30m
05-12-2017Construction LawP3 Litigation: Tackling and Resolving DisputesNo1h 30m
05-12-2017Tax LawProfessionalism and Ethical Issues for Tax LawyersNo 30m3h
05-12-2017Entertainment LawEntertainment, Media & Communications: Holiday Social 2017
04-12-2017Class Actions9th Annual Class Actions ColloquiumNo8h
04-12-2017Women LawyersEmpowerment through Financial Planning: What Women Lawyers Need to KnowNo1h 30m
04-12-2017Public SectorWelcome Reception for Articling Students and LPP Candidates, Featuring Janet MinorNo 30m
30-11-2017Elder LawMeet the New OBA Elder Law Section
29-11-2017Insurance LawThe Essentials on Costs and Pre-judgement InterestNo1h 30m
29-11-2017Career and Business DevelopmentThe OBA Foundation Debate:
The Omar Khadr Settlement: Fair and Reasonable?
29-11-2017International Law[PROGRAM CANCELLED] Navigating Trade Remedies in Canada: A Practical GuideNo1h 30m
29-11-2017Young LawyersYLD Southwest Fall Social
28-11-2017Wills, Estates & TrustsHow to Protect Yourself from Liability When Acting as Estate TrusteeNo1h 15m 15m
28-11-2017Pensions and Benefits LawPlan Governance: Cybersecurity Governance and Member CommunicationsNo1h
24-11-2017Civil LitigationExpert Strategies for Trial PreparationNo3h 30m
23-11-2017Environmental, Energy and Resources LawUnderstanding Soil and Groundwater: Part 1No1h 30m
23-11-2017Environmental, Energy and Resources LawEnvironmental Passport Series -
Contamination in Air, Water and Soil: A Technical Refresher, Legal Insights, and Litigation Strategies
No1h 30m
23-11-2017Administrative LawAnnual Update on Judicial ReviewNo1h 30m
23-11-2017Charity LawSuccess Strategies for Charity Lawyers: Practice, Client, and Career ManagementNo1h 30m
23-11-2017Career and Business DevelopmentLe droit et la technologie : risques pour la pratique des avocats | Law and Technology: Risks for Lawyers Yes1h
22-11-2017Civil Litigation[SOLD OUT] OBA Award of Excellence in Civil Litigation
22-11-2017Intellectual Property, TechnologyDriving Innovation: The Interface Between Competition and Intellectual Property LawNo1h 30m
22-11-2017Entertainment Law, Media LawNavigating Drone Use in Media ProductionNo1h 30m
22-11-2017Young LawyersOpportunity for Growth:
Review of Proposed Cannabis Act
No1h 30m
21-11-2017Wills, Estates & TrustsCritical Advanced Estate Planning IssuesYes3h 30m
21-11-2017Women LawyersBridging Barriers and Biases: Feminism for MenNo1h 30m
21-11-2017Privacy and Access Law, Public SectorOpen Contracting: Exploring Open Government in Contracting and ProcurementNo1h 30m
21-11-2017Wills, Estates & Trusts, Young LawyersWills and Estate Planning: A PrimerNo2h 30m1h
16-11-2017Franchise Law17th Annual Franchise Law Conference
Franchise Law in Canada: All Grown Up?
No6h 30m2h 15m
16-11-2017SAGDAADVOCATE! Different Ways Lawyers Contribute to Equity-Seeking GroupsNo1h 30m
16-11-2017Practice ManagementManaging Partner Roundtable: Artificial Intelligence – What does AI Mean for Lawyers and Law Firms?No1h
15-11-2017Business LawCommercial Agreements Bootcamp: Building Essential Negotiating and Drafting SkillsYes5h 30m
15-11-2017Health LawPerspectives on the Evolving Law & Regulation of Vaping ProductsNo1h 30m
15-11-2017Canadian Corporate CounselThe Art and Science of Minute TakingNo1h 30m
15-11-2017Alternative Dispute ResolutionEffectively Utilizing the Continuum of ADR ProcessesNo1h 30m
13-11-2017Constitutional and Human Rights Law, Young LawyersYour First Application Before the Human Rights TribunalYes 15m3h 45m
09-11-2017Business Law, General Practice, Solo & Small FirmTECHxpo 2017: Your Practice...ConnectedYes5h 45m
08-11-2017Civil LitigationIn the Courtroom: Evidence Refresher for LitigatorsNo2h 45m
08-11-2017Young LawyersYLD North Fall Social
07-11-2017Insurance LawMotor Vehicle Tort Litigation in Ontario: Critical UpdatesNo3h 45m
06-11-2017Family LawSelf-Employed Parties: Handling Property and Income ChallengesNo2h
02-11-2017Career and Business DevelopmentManaging Critical Communications: Mastering Personalities and SituationsNo1h 30m
01-11-2017Public SectorFundamentals of Public Sector Infrastructure ProjectsNo1h 30m
01-11-2017Canadian Corporate CounselAddressing Modern Slavery, Child Labour and Forced Labour in your Organization and Supply ChainNo1h 30m
30-10-2017International Law61st UIA Toronto Congress: Negotiating International Contracts and Managing DisputesNo3h 30m
30-10-2017Canadian Corporate CounselCyber Security Awareness Month – Fall SocialNo 30m
26-10-2017Real PropertyScary Professionalism Issues for the Real Estate PractitionerYes 30m3h
26-10-2017Tax LawSpeed Mentoring: Practical Advice on Succeeding as a Young Tax LawyerNo1h 30m
25-10-2017Alternative Dispute Resolution2017 Award of Excellence for Alternative Dispute Resolution
25-10-2017Young LawyersCraft Beer Tasting & Networking Event – OBA YLD Fall Social
25-10-2017Citizenship and Immigration Law, Labour and Employment LawForeign Workers: Key Immigration and Employment IssuesNo1h 30m
24-10-2017Business Law5th Annual Professionalism Issues for Business LawyersYes 30m3h
24-10-2017Wills, Estates & TrustsContested Guardianships and Battling AttorneysNo1h 30m
24-10-2017Insurance LawLitigating Civil Sexual Assault ClaimsNo 45m 45m
24-10-2017Class ActionsThe Evolution of Class Actions: A Conversation with Harvey Strosberg, Q.C.No 45m 15m
23-10-2017Civil LitigationSecurities Litigation in the Regulatory EnvironmentYes3h
19-10-2017Practice ManagementManaging Partner Roundtable: Media – Are Your Lawyers on the Media’s Speed-Dial?No1h
19-10-2017Entertainment Law, Media LawHelp Me Help You – A Mentoring Event for the Next Generation of Entertainment, Media and Communications LawyersNo1h 30m
19-10-2017Workers Compensation LawRon Ellis Award for Excellence in Workers' Compensation Law
17-10-2017Criminal Justice, Privacy and Access LawSmartphones and the Law: Search, Seizure and PrivacyNo1h 30m
17-10-2017Women LawyersPathways to Power: Female Outlaws
16-10-2017Career and Business DevelopmentBundled Program:
1. What We Can Learn from Batman about Maintaining our Sanity (and Ethics) in the Practice of Law
2. Develop Your Cross-Cultural Competency: The Impact of Unconscious Bias in the Practice of Law
13-10-2017Labour and Employment Law, Young LawyersEmployment Law FundamentalsYes4h
12-10-2017Environmental, Energy and Resources LawProject Development and Endangered SpeciesNo1h 30m
12-10-2017Career and Business DevelopmentSharing Success Strategies: Private Practice ExcellenceNo2h
12-10-2017Bankruptcy and Insolvency LawThe CCAA as a Disengagement Tool: To Use or Not to Use?No1h 30m
11-10-2017Intellectual Property, Privacy and Access Law, TechnologyPrivacy Across BordersYes3h 30m 30m
10-10-2017Civil LitigationStrategies and Tips for Maximizing Your Expert EvidenceYes2h1h
05-10-2017Wills, Estates & TrustsPreventing, Correcting and Navigating Errors in Estate and Trust DocumentsYes2h 45m 45m
04-10-2017Young LawyersEvening Reception with The Honourable Suhail A.Q. AkhtarNo 30m
03-10-2017Construction LawThe Authoritative View of the Construction Lien Amendment Act, Bill 142No4h
02-10-2017Constitutional and Human Rights Law16th Annual Charter ConferenceYes4h 30m
28-09-2017Tax LawWhat You Missed While You Were Away: Summer 2017 Tax DevelopmentsNo1h 30m
28-09-2017Aboriginal LawThe Duty to Consult: Implications of the Clyde River and Chippewas of the Thames DecisionsNo1h 30m
28-09-2017Young LawyersMastering Due DiligenceYes2h 45m1h
28-09-2017Practice ManagementManaging Partner Roundtable: 2017 Fall PackageNo1h
28-09-2017Practice ManagementManaging Partner Roundtable: Culture and Change Management in Law FirmsNo1h
27-09-2017Pensions and Benefits LawPensions and Benefits Hot Spots – The Back to School EditionNo1h 30m 30m
27-09-2017Citizenship and Immigration LawGlobal Skills Strategy: Insights After Three Months on the GroundNo1h 30m
27-09-2017International LawImport and Export Operations:
The Essential Guide
No1h 30m
26-09-2017Wills, Estates & TrustsResidential and Cottage Trusts: Practice and Tax Advice for Effective DraftingNo1h 30m
26-09-2017Wills, Estates & Trusts2017-2018 Trusts & Estates Law Passport Series (6 Programs)No1h
26-09-2017Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil LitigationNavigating Ethical Challenges in Negotiation: A Practical Role PlayYes3h
25-09-2017Charity LawFighting the Good Fight: Good Records, Good Faith, and Good Governance for Charities and NFPsNo1h
19-09-2017Family LawEighth Annual Bread and Butter Issues in Family LawYes3h 30m 30m
14-09-2017Construction LawContracts, Consultants and an Evolving Legal Landscape: What You Need to KnowNo3h 45m
14-09-2017Young Lawyers[SOLD OUT] Technically Speaking: How Lawyers Are Using Technology TodayNo1h 30m
13-09-2017Young LawyersYoung Lawyers Division (Central) Kick-Off Social
12-09-2017Civil LitigationConducting an Effective Examination for DiscoveryYes2h 15m1h
11-09-2017Career and Business Development, General Practice, Solo & Small FirmBusiness Presentations and Facilitation SkillsNo6h 30m
08-09-2017Constitutional and Human Rights LawLawyers as Agents for Change: Tackling Hate, Racism, Xenophobia from a Practitioner’s PerspectiveNo1h 30m
07-09-2017Young LawyersExpert Advice on Launching Your Legal Career: I Have My Law Degree, Now What? (London)
07-09-2017Young LawyersPackaged Program: Expert Advice on Launching Your Legal Career: I Have My Law Degree, Now What? (London)
06-09-2017Entertainment Law, Media LawEntertainment, Media & Communications: Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) Social
31-08-2017Young LawyersExpert Advice on Launching Your Legal Career: I Have My Law Degree, Now What? (Ottawa)
31-08-2017Young LawyersPackaged Program: Expert Advice on Launching Your Legal Career: I Have My Law Degree, Now What? (Ottawa)
29-08-2017Young LawyersExpert Advice on Launching Your Legal Career: I Have My Law Degree, Now What? (Toronto)
29-08-2017Young LawyersPackaged Program: Expert Advice on Launching Your Legal Career: I Have My Law Degree, Now What? (Toronto)
22-06-2017Construction LawGolf Day 2017 and Dinner
22-06-2017Students, Young LawyersDiversify Your Portfolio: Explore Non-Traditional Career Paths for LawyersNo1h 30m
21-06-2017Insurance LawOBA Award of Excellence in Insurance Law [Toronto]
20-06-2017Real PropertyOBA Award of Excellence in Real Estate
14-06-2017Real PropertyNegotiating, Drafting and Enforcing Options and Rights of First RefusalNo1h
14-06-2017Labour and Employment LawOBA Randall Echlin Mentorship Award
12-06-2017Family LawOBA Award of Excellence in Family Law
07-06-2017Canadian Corporate CounselCCCA Ontario Chapter Award of Excellence
05-06-2017Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law2017 OBA Murray Klein Award of Excellence in Insolvency Law
31-05-2017Wills, Estates & TrustsOBA Award of Excellence in Trusts and Estates Law
17-05-2017Women LawyersThe OBA Award of Excellence in the Promotion of Women's EqualityNo 15m
17-05-2017Workers Compensation LawAnnual Conference: Appeals Process in Workplace Safety and Insurance LawYes4h 45m1h 45m
15-05-2017Career and Business DevelopmentCanada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL): An Update from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)No1h 30m
10-05-2017Citizenship and Immigration LawInternational Mobility Program (IMP) Work Permits – The Latest Developments and Initiatives in IMP Processing and ComplianceNo1h 30m
05-05-2017Pensions and Benefits LawFSCO/MOF/OSFI/CRA Forum 2017 Turning the TablesNo1h 45m 45m
04-05-2017Education LawProfessional Obligations of Educators Outside the ClassroomNo1h 30m
03-05-2017Construction LawInfrastructure Primer III – Negotiating Design AgreementsNo3h
27-04-2017Alternative Dispute ResolutionEstablishing A Successful Mediation PracticeNo1h 30m
20-04-2017Civil LitigationPleading Your Case SuccessfullyYes3h 30m
12-04-2017Pensions and Benefits Law, Tax LawPensions & Tax Update: Executive Compensation and Pension Plan InvestmentNo1h
05-04-2017Wills, Estates & TrustsDinner with Your Honourable Estates List Judges No1h
21-12-2017Real Property[Webcast Replay] Closing Documents: Tips and TrapsNo2h 30m 30m
21-12-2017Business Law[Webcast Replay] 5th Annual Professionalism Issues for Business LawyersNo 30m3h
20-12-2017Administrative Law[Webcast Replay] Keeping Up Appearances: Parties, Interveners and Experts in Administrative ProceedingsNo2h 30m 30m
20-12-2017Privacy and Access Law[Webcast Replay] Privacy Law Summit 2017No7h 15m
20-12-2017Construction Law[Webcast Replay] Navigating Everyday Construction Law Landmines - Best Practices for Smooth DiggingNo2h 45m
20-12-2017Health Law[Webcast Replay] The Ethical Dimensions of Health Law Practice: Challenges and Practical Insights for Lawyers Representing Patients, Health Care Professionals, Institutions and RegulatorsNo2h 45m
19-12-2017Career and Business Development[Webcast Replay] Advertising and Marketing Law: Social, Digital, Online ComplianceNo6h 30m
19-12-2017Elder Law[Webcast Replay] Financial Abuse of the Older Client:
Practical Legal Strategies to Prevent and Respond to the Exploitation of Seniors
19-12-2017Construction Law, Municipal Law[Webcast Replay] Construction Work Ahead:
Land Development and Construction Law Issues in Ontario
No2h 45m
18-12-2017Business Law, Young Lawyers[Webcast Replay] Corporate Law BasicsNo3h 30m
18-12-2017Wills, Estates & Trusts, Young Lawyers[Webcast Replay] Estate Litigation: A Primer
18-12-2017Business Law[Webcast Replay] Buying and Selling a Business: A Comprehensive GuideNo5h1h
15-12-2017Civil Litigation[Webcast Replay] Expert Strategies for Trial PreparationNo3h1h
15-12-2017Workers Compensation Law[Webcast Replay] Professionalism in Workplace Safety and Insurance LawNo3h
14-12-2017Real Property, Wills, Estates & Trusts[Webcast Replay] Dealing with Real Property in Trusts and Estates ContextsNo3h 30m
14-12-2017Labour and Employment Law[Webcast Replay] 15th Annual Current Issues in Employment LawNo5h 30m1h
14-12-2017Real Property[Webcast Replay] Scary Professionalism Issues for the Real Estate PractitionerNo 30m3h
13-12-2017Real Property[Webcast Replay] Quirky Conveyancing – Tools for the Modern Real Estate LawyerNo2h1h
13-12-2017Business Law[Webcast Replay] "MBA" in a Day - for LawyersNo5h1h
13-12-2017Family Law, Wills, Estates & Trusts[Webcast Replay] Protecting The Family CottageNo1h 30m
13-12-2017Citizenship and Immigration Law[Webcast Replay] Vital Skills for the Immigration Practitioner: Ethics and Professionalism for the Immigration PractitionerNo1h 30m
12-12-2017Career and Business Development[Webcast Replay] The Enterprising Lawyer
Enterprising Skills - New Competencies for Lawyers:
Essential Skills You Need to Succeed in Law Today
12-12-2017Intellectual Property, Privacy and Access Law, Technology[Webcast Replay] Privacy Across BordersNo3h 30m 30m
29-11-2017Career and Business DevelopmentThe OBA Foundation Debate:
The Omar Khadr Settlement: Fair and Reasonable?
20-11-2017Citizenship and Immigration Law[PROGRAM CANCELLED] Access to Justice within Ontario’s Immigration System and BeyondNo1h 30m
24-08-2017Family Law[Webcast Replay] The Pitfalls of Family Law and How to Avoid ThemNo4h 30m2h 15m
23-08-2017Charity Law[Webcast Replay] Charity and Not-for-Profit Law: A Point of Intersecting Areas of PracticeNo2h 30m 30m
22-08-2017Civil Litigation, Women Lawyers[Webcast Replay] Female Litigators: Staking Your Claim in the CourtroomNo2h
22-08-2017Real Property[Webcast Replay] Closing Documents: Tips and TrapsNo2h 30m 30m
22-11-2017Public SectorHow To Be A Public Interest Lawyer (Archived Video Stream)
21-11-2017Class ActionsClass Actions: A Powerful Tool for Seeking Redress Against the Crown and Other Institutions (Archived Video Stream)
16-11-2017Franchise Law17th Annual Franchise Law Conference
Franchise Law in Canada: All Grown Up?
13-11-2017Career and Business DevelopmentLaw Society Requirements for 2017: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (Archived Video Stream)
04-10-2017Career and Business DevelopmentThe Enterprising Lawyer: Taking Care of Business
Series A: Starting your own firm
Module 4 - Keys to Launching Your Own Practice (Archived Video Stream)
01-09-2017Career and Business DevelopmentBuilding a Thriving ADR PracticeNo4h
01-09-2017Career and Business DevelopmentSocial Media, Branding, and Business Development for Law FirmsNo4h
24-08-2017Construction Law, Municipal Law[Webcast Replay] Construction Work Ahead:
Land Development and Construction Law Issues in Ontario
No2h 45m
21-06-2017Tax LawArtificial Intelligence: Is The Future of Tax Law Here? And Award Presentation (Archived Video Stream)
15-06-2017Child and Youth Law, Family LawAdvanced Issues in Child Protection Law (Archived Video Stream)
15-06-2017Public SectorTop Recent Decisions Public Sector Lawyers Need to Know (Archived Video Stream)
13-06-2017Health LawOBA Health Law Section Year-End Dinner (Archived Video Stream)
13-06-2017Aboriginal LawIndigenous Relations: Aligning Federal and Provincial Government Priorities and Activities (Archived Video Stream)
12-06-2017Women LawyersTalking Back: Gender, Communication, and Leveraging Your Own Style (Archived Video Stream)
09-06-2017Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property, Media Law, TechnologyVideo Game Law (Archived Video Stream)
09-06-2017Family LawDoing Family Law Differently (Archived Video Stream)
08-06-2017Business Law15th Annual OSC, TSX and IIROC Update (Archived Video Stream)
08-06-2017Citizenship and Immigration LawBuilding Bridges or Building Walls? Crossing the Canada-U.S. Border in the Era of Trudeau and Trump (Archived Video Stream)
07-06-2017Career and Business DevelopmentThe Mindful Lawyer CPD Series: Spring 2017
Module 12: Dealing with Difficult Personalities (Archived Video Stream)
07-06-2017Administrative Law, Constitutional and Human Rights LawCharter Issues at Administrative Tribunals (Archived Video Stream)
07-06-2017Criminal Justice, Women LawyersSexual Assault on Trial & OBA Award of Excellence in Criminal Justice (Archived Video Stream)
06-06-2017Class Actions, Intellectual Property, Privacy and Access Law, TechnologyCASL Changes Coming July 1, 2017 (Archived Video Stream)No1h 30m
06-06-2017Franchise LawLabour and Employment Issues in Franchising (Archived Video Stream)
06-06-2017Civil LitigationAssessments of Accounts: Understanding the Process & Procedure (Archived Video Stream)
05-06-2017Family LawThere is a Precedent for Everything: Emerging Trends in Custody & Access (Archived Video Stream)
31-05-2017Canadian Corporate CounselExpanding Your In-House Role to Include Strategic and Business Functions (Archived Video Stream)
30-05-2017Intellectual Property, Technology, Young LawyersYour First Intellectual Property Matter: A Practical Guide (Archived Video Stream)
29-05-2017Class ActionsMike and Mike Unplugged: A Conversation About the Future of Certification (Archived Video Stream)
29-05-2017Administrative Law, Constitutional and Human Rights Law, Labour and Employment LawAnnual Update on Human Rights (Archived Video Stream)
25-05-2017Civil LitigationTackling Injunctions (Archived Video Stream)
18-05-2017Tax Law, Wills, Estates & TrustsA Practical Guide to Tax Considerations in Succession Planning (Archived Video Stream)
18-05-2017International LawThe Impact of Blockchain on International Business Law (Archived Video Stream)
15-05-2017Canadian Corporate CounselYou Have More Power Than You Think: Negotiation Skills (Archived Video Stream)
10-05-2017Aboriginal Law“Nation-to-Nation" Relationships: Inherent Rights & the Implementation of Indigenous Laws (Archived Video Stream)
09-05-2017Tax LawFrom Formal Treaty Requests to Data Leaks:
Identifying and Discussing International Tax Avoidance and Evasion (Archived Video Stream)
09-05-2017Real PropertyRural and Recreational Properties:
Unique Considerations for Smooth Transactions (Archived Video Stream)
09-05-2017Family Law, Wills, Estates & TrustsProtecting The Family Cottage (Archived Video Stream)
08-05-2017Municipal LawNavigating the Toronto Local Appeal Body (Archived Video Stream)
04-05-2017Real PropertyNon-Resident Speculation Tax and Prescribed Information for the Purpose of Section 5.0.1 Form – What You Need to Know (Archived Video Stream)
04-05-2017Business Law15th Annual Current Issues in Employment Law (Archived Video Stream)
03-05-2017Business LawCurrent Practice Trends in Canadian Private M&A Agreements (Archived Video Stream)
28-04-2017Health LawRecent Developments in Summary Procedures (Archived Video Stream)
27-04-2017Citizenship and Immigration LawThe Temporary Foreign Worker Program – The Latest on Labour Market Impact Applications (LMIAs), Compliance Inspections, and New Initiatives (Archived Video Stream)
27-04-2017Constitutional and Human Rights Law, SAGDAGender Identity, Gender Expression and Your Practice (Archived Video Stream)
27-04-2017General Practice, Solo & Small FirmThe Enterprising Lawyer: Taking Care of Business
Series C: Winding Up Your Practice
Module 1 - Succession Planning: Buying and Selling a Law Practice (Archived Video Stream)
27-04-2017Women LawyersPathways to Power: Women in Politics (Archived Video Stream)
27-04-2017Young LawyersConnecting Your Passion with the Community: Seeking Out Valuable Volunteer Opportunities (Archived Video Stream)
25-04-2017Constitutional and Human Rights Law, Criminal JusticeRacial Profiling (Archived Video Stream)
25-04-2017Wills, Estates & Trusts, Young LawyersEstate Litigation: A Primer (Archived Video Stream)
25-04-2017Career and Business DevelopmentThe Mindful Lawyer CPD Series: Spring 2017 Module 11: Thriving in a Competitive Work Environment: Resilience Training for Lawyers (Archived Video Stream)
25-04-2017Real Property, Wills, Estates & TrustsDealing with Real Property in Trusts and Estates Contexts (Archived Video Stream)Yes3h 30m
24-04-2017Business Law"MBA" in a Day - for Lawyers (Archived Video Stream)
21-04-2017Career and Business DevelopmentMAG Webinar: Superior Court e-Filing Pilot (Archived Video Stream)No1h
21-04-2017Citizenship and Immigration Law, Young LawyersImmigration and Refugee Law Primer (Archived Video Stream)
19-04-2017Women LawyersPathways to Power: Female Founders (Archived Video Stream)
19-04-2017Class Actions, Constitutional and Human Rights LawAccountability for Human Rights Violations in Corporate Supply Chains (Archived Video Stream)
18-04-2017Insurance LawSurveillance and Social Media in Insurance Law (Archived Video Stream)
13-04-2017Environmental, Energy and Resources LawRecent Developments in Energy Regulation (Archived Video Stream)
12-04-2017Class Actions, Constitutional and Human Rights LawDisclosing in an AllStar World: Should Franchisors Change their Disclosure Practices? (Archived Video Stream)
07-04-2017Business Law, Health Law, Privacy and Access LawPrivacy Law Summit 2017 (Archived Video Stream)
05-04-2017Intellectual Property, International Law, TechnologyImpacts of Recent International Treaties on Intellectual Property Law (Archived Video Stream)
05-04-2017Environmental, Energy and Resources LawMOECC Cap & Trade Program Part III:
Where are we Now? (Archived Video Stream)
04-04-2017Charity LawEffecting Fundamental Changes: Unification, Separation, and Dissolution of Charities and Not-For-Profit Corporations In Ontario (Archived Video Stream)
04-04-2017Entertainment Law, Media LawProfit Participation and Modified Adjusted Gross Revenue in Entertainment Deals (Archived Video Stream)
04-04-2017Class Actions, Constitutional and Human Rights LawYour Professional Obligations When Interacting with Political Staffers (Archived Video Stream)
03-04-2017Administrative Law, Young LawyersAdjudicative Tribunal Practice Primer (Archived Video Stream)
30-03-2017Women LawyersFathers in Law: Equality in Action (Archived Video Stream)
30-03-2017Workers Compensation LawProfessionalism in Workplace Safety and Insurance Law (Archived Video Stream)
28-03-2017Wills, Estates & TrustsTax Update (Archived Video Stream)
28-03-2017Construction Law, Municipal LawConstruction Work Ahead:
Land Development and Construction Law Issues in Ontario (Archived Video Stream)
27-03-2017Business LawBuying and Selling a Business: A Comprehensive Guide (Archived Video Stream)
27-03-2017Class Actions, Constitutional and Human Rights LawPublic Law Class Actions (Archived Video Stream)
22-03-2017Real PropertyMortgage Priorities Following Computershare (Archived Video Stream)
09-03-2017Insurance LawAccident Benefits Update (Archived Video Stream)
08-03-2017Young LawyersDiscovery and Beyond –
Winning Strategies for the Young Lawyer (Archived Video Stream)
08-03-2017Privacy and Access LawVital Skills for the Immigration Practitioner:
Ethics and Professionalism for the Immigration Practitioner (Archived Video Stream)
07-03-2017Elder LawFinancial Abuse of the Older Client:
Practical Legal Strategies to Prevent and Respond to the Exploitation of Seniors (Archived Video Stream)
03-03-2017Young LawyersYour First Civil Trial (Archived Video Stream)
01-03-2017Family Law, SAGDAThe All Families Are Equal Act: Celebrating and Understanding the Legislative Changes (Archived Video Stream)
28-02-2017Wills, Estates & TrustsEssential Update on Estate Litigation Costs (Archived Video Stream)
21-02-2017Entertainment Law, Media LawManaging Intellectual Property Rights in Sports Licensing and Marketing (Archived Video Stream)
11-02-2017Criminal JusticeThe Ultimate Cure for Motion Sickness (Archived Video Stream)
10-02-2017Municipal LawEmerging Developments in Municipal and Planning Law (Archived Video Stream)
10-02-2017Family LawThe Pitfalls of Family Law and How to Avoid Them (Archived Video Stream)
10-02-2017Young LawyersFinding Your Work Life Balance (Archived Video Stream)
10-02-2017Public SectorBeing a Lawyer in Politics (Archived Video Stream)
10-02-2017Constitutional and Human Rights LawHuman Rights Law in the Provision of Services (Archived Video Stream)
09-02-2017Real PropertyClosing Documents: Tips and Traps (Archived Video Stream)
09-02-2017Wills, Estates & TrustsDeath and Aging: Key Strategies and Updates for Planning, Administration and Litigation Counsel (Archived Video Stream)
09-02-2017Administrative LawKeeping Up Appearances: Parties, Interveners and Experts in Administrative Proceedings (Archived Video Stream)
09-02-2017Intellectual Property, TechnologyThe Internet of Things and Connected Payments (Archived Video Stream)
09-02-2017General Practice, Solo & Small FirmTargeted Legal Services (Archived Video Stream)
08-02-2017Environmental, Energy and Resources LawNew Developments in Environmental Law (Archived Video Stream)
08-02-2017Class Actions, Privacy and Access LawPrivacy Class Actions: Defining the Standard of Care and Exploring the Impacts of a Breach (Archived Video Stream)
08-02-2017Civil Litigation, Women LawyersFemale Litigators: Staking Your Claim in the Courtroom (Archived Video Stream)
08-02-2017Insurance LawTips, Tricks and Trends: The Practical Reality of Litigating in the New World (Archived Video Stream)
08-02-2017Canadian Corporate CounselThe Mandate: Evolving Dialogue between In-house Lawyers and Their Legal Service Providers (Archived Video Stream)
08-02-2017Aboriginal LawLitigate or Negotiate: Models to Address Issues of Equality of Service On-Reserve (Archived Video Stream)
08-02-2017Child and Youth LawYouth Records: What You Need to Know About Access Restrictions and Privacy Challenges (Archived Video Stream)
08-02-2017Education LawAccommodating Student Disability while Protecting School Safety (Archived Video Stream)
08-02-2017Franchise Law, General Practice, Solo & Small FirmThe Fundamentals of Franchise Law in Ontario (Archived Video Stream)
08-02-2017Tax LawEssential Tax Updates: Subsection 55(2) Update, Small Business Deduction, Rectification and Privilege (Archived Video Stream)
08-02-2017General Practice, Solo & Small Firm, Young LawyersImprove Your Influence: Persuasion Techniques for Lawyers (Archived Video Stream)
07-02-2017Career and Business DevelopmentTechnology and Its Distractions: Reducing Digital Overload (Archived Video Stream)
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