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head-shot photo of author Stuart Rudner

Mediate and Arbitrate Like it’s 2024

  • 05 février 2024
  • Stuart Rudner

Tips from a technology-savvy mediator on harnessing all the available tools to improve written advocacy at mediation and litigate more effectively.

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head-shot photo of author Brendan Egan

Breaching Settlements by Posting: Lessons for Labour and Employment Law Counsel

  • 05 février 2024
  • Brendan Egan

Social media is a common part of most Canadians’ everyday lives. However, social media’s promise of nearly unlimited connectedness can pose problems when parties compromise their settlement agreements through their social media activity. This overview of two recent, non-judicial decisions provides labour and employment law lawyers with practical guidance on how to navigate settlement agreements in the era of social media.

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photo of Stuart Rudner

The Benefits of ADR for Human Rights Complaints

  • 16 juin 2023
  • Stuart Rudner

Even when not mandatory, mediation can provide parties in a human rights dispute with an opportunity to creatively design a process and achieve an outcome that works for them.

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photo of co-author Tahir Khorasanee

The Ethical Screen: A How to Guide

  • 02 mai 2023
  • Tahir Khorasanee (associate) and Rachel McKenzie (student-at-law)

The Ethical Screen: A How-to Guide provides readers with a current and concise overview of the regulations and expectations associated with an Ethical Screen. Reference to Ontario v. Chartis Insurance Company of Canada exemplifies how to avoid the consequences of an inadequate Ethical Screen.

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photo of author Laura Epplett

Termination for Excessive Innocent Absenteeism Upheld

  • 02 mai 2023
  • Laura Epplett

An arbitrator upheld the termination of a unionized employee under the employer’s attendance support program for excessive absenteeism where there was no prospect of reasonable attendance.

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Most Significant Cases In Employment Law - 2022

  • 21 février 2023
  • Daria (Dasha) Peregoudova, Ljubica Durlovska, and Zachary Sippel

This article explores the most significant employment law cases in 2022, and their related implications.

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photo of author Rob Richler

What You Need to Know About Recent Changes to the Employment Standards Act: Policies, Exemptions, and More

  • 15 février 2023
  • Rob Richler

There have been several changes to Ontario employment law over the past year that will have lasting impacts on both employees and employers. A ban on non-compete agreements, mandatory written policies on disconnecting from work & electronic monitoring, business & IT consultants becoming exempt from ESA and new rules of temporary help agencies and recruiters are among these changes. Read on to learn about the implications of these changes on employee and employers in Ontario.

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photo of author Stuart Rudner

How to Win at Mediating Employment Law Claims

  • 17 novembre 2022
  • Stuart Rudner

I often write and speak about winning at mediation (it’s not an oxymoron), and as a mediator, I remain convinced that most counsel can do a much better job with their advocacy at mediation (also not an oxymoron). One of my mantras has become “help me to help you”; since I will be your advocate in the other room, make it as easy as possible for me to understand and explain your case in a compelling manner when I am speaking with the other side. That is how you win at mediation.

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photo of author Nadia Zaman

Strategic Use of Contracts Post COVID-19

  • 20 septembre 2022
  • Nadia Zaman, associate, Rudner Law

This article outlines some strategic and practical considerations when drafting and implementing employment contracts, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Does Mediation Satisfy the OHSA Duty to Investigate Workplace Harassment?

  • 10 juin 2022
  • Ruth Wellen & Jesse Elders, Kastner Lam LLP

This article considers whether alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, meets the statutory requirement to conduct an investigation into allegations of workplace harassment under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act. We conclude that alternative dispute resolution does not satisfy an employer’s duty to investigate, but we encourage employers to consider using mediation and other restorative techniques as part of their overall response to a complaint of workplace harassment.

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