Resource Books

  • May 21, 2015

Canadian Franchise Law- A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition

Author: Daniel So
Description: This book is intended for franchisors and deals with the legal and business issues that they face, as they enter into, and maintain, franchise relationships. If you are a franchisor, or represent a franchisor, this text will help you understand, in a very practical way, the legal regime under which franchise operations are run in Canada. This handy book is complete with legal tips, charts, and sample documents; it’s a must-have for any franchisor or any practitioner practising in this area of law.

Canadian Forms and Precedents- Sale, Distribution and Transport of Goods

Authors: Edward N. Levitt, Kevin McGuinness and Catherine A. Pawluch
Description: A key to the success of any law practice is having a wealth of sample forms and precedents to refer to quickly for any case which may arise. Canadian Forms & Precedents is designed to meet the demands of busy practitioners by providing expertly crafted precedents that can be relied upon with confidence. Covering all major subject areas, Canadian Forms & Precedents saves time and costs, and is the most comprehensive and authoritative library of drafting documents.

Canadian Franchise Legislation

Author: Edward N. Levitt
Description: Canadian Franchise Legislation is written by an acknowledged expert in the area of franchise law. Author Edward N. Levitt brings to this service over 30 years of experience. It offers step-by-step guidance to help franchisors and their legal counsel comply with disclosure requirements and assists counsel who act for franchisees to ensure that their clients’ franchisors are and remain in compliance with the legislation. In addition you’ll find an overview of the U.S., European and Australian models.

Franchise Legislation in Canada

Author: Peter Dillon
Description: Franchising has become a highly technical, hotly litigious and liability-prone area of practice. Whether you represent franchisees or franchisors, Franchise Legislation in Canada is a must-have resource for any lawyer practicing in this area. Filled with valuable commentary, case annotations, precedents and background, this text is an indispensible desk-top reference. Franchise Legislation in Canada has the most comprehensive series of Concordances of provincial and US laws and regulations, making it the only truly national and international resource on the topic of franchising.

An Introduction to Franchising

Author: Robert Webber
Description: A practical, applied textbook offering introduction to the world of franchising from the perspectives of both the franchisor and franchisee. It is a unique text for use by students studying franchising, or by students or practitioners interested in buying a franchise or in franchising their business model.

Buying a franchise in Canada

Author: Tony Wilson
Description: This book is essential reading for anyone thinking about taking over an existing business. Tony Wilson will help you choose a franchise that’s right for you, understand your franchise agreement inside and out, and negotiate the best deal. This book will give you a better understanding of the legal issues and help you to spot problem areas. In an easy-to-understand manner, the author shows you how to negotiate an agreement with a franchisor and develop a profitable relationship. The author takes you step-by-step through a franchise agreement so you can spot the potential benefits and drawbacks. Tony Wilson is a franchise lawyer and considered one of the foremost experts on franchising in Canada. He has written this book in a manner that offers you practical and common-sense advice you can use. The book contains many real-life examples taken from the author’s experiences representing franchisees

Franchise Law

Author: Frank Zaid
Description: This book, written by one of Canada's foremost franchise lawyers, lays out a clear roadmap guiding the reader through the twists and turns of the franchising relationship. The book will appeal to experienced franchise lawyers as well as to counsel new to the field.

Canadian Franchise Guide

Author: Frank Zaid
Description: Provides straightforward commentary, checklists and statutory requirements that you need to advise and assist your client. Also contains a complete set of forms and precedents, including franchise applications, disclosure and prospectus documents, franchise agreements, and master franchise agreements and trademark documents for franchise financing.

Fundamentals of Franchising in Canada

Authors: Larry Weinberg and Peter Snell
Description: Written specifically to help lawyers in Canada, this practical guide examines franchise law from a wide-range of experiences and viewpoints.