The Winkler Institute holding series of public engagements on improving family justice system through technology.

  • July 04, 2017

The Winkler Institute, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Attorney General, is holding a series of public engagements on improving the family justice system through technology. The initiative is one component of what MAG is doing to help address a lack of accessible information for Ontarians using the family law system, as well as to explore opportunities for new technology and platforms to make the system easier to navigate.

The engagements are designed to gather first-hand user experiences to better understand how to help those with family law problems navigate the system. The information collected during this project will result in ideas that could inform the development of a product, technology or process that would have direct positive impact on access to family justice in Ontario. A full report on the findings of the project is expected to be publicly available in fall 2017.

In-person engagement sessions for members of the public are taking place at different locations across the province in July and August, and there will also be a series of teleconferences held for family law professionals on July 18 according to region of service. Information on participation in the project may be found through the project website: