New Courses Available on Justice Canada Website

  • June 02, 2022

The course on Inter-jurisdictional support proceedings under the Divorce Act is now available on the Justice Canada website.

This course focuses on the amendments related to the inter-jurisdictional support proceedings under the Divorce Act. It provides practical tips for lawyers to identify whether a support application should be made under the Divorce Act or under the provincial or territorial Interjurisdictional Support Order Act. It also provides information on the new inter-jurisdictional support process under the Divorce Act, on the conversion of applications and on the recognition of decisions of a designated jurisdiction that have the effect of varying a Divorce Act order.

This free and accredited course on inter-jurisdictional proceedings under the Divorce Act is the last course of a series of six on the Divorce Act amendments available to the public. You can also find the following five courses on the Justice Canada Website:

·       Introduction to Federal Family Law Amendments

·       Family violence and family law for legal advisers

·       Parenting under the New Divorce Act

·       Family dispute resolution and duties for parties to a proceeding and legal advisers under the new Divorce Act

·       Relocation under the Divorce Act