New OCJ Criminal Courthouse for Toronto Update

  • March 29, 2016

The Ministry of the Attorney General has provided an update to the Ontario Bar Association on the new Ontario Court of Justice criminal courthouse project for Toronto.

The update noted the five OCJ criminal locations that will move to the new Toronto courthouse are:

  • 1000 Finch Avenue West
  • 444 Yonge Street (College Park)
  • 1911 Eglinton Avenue East
  • 60 Queen Street West (Old City Hall)
  • 311 Jarvis Street, youth criminal justice operations only

The ministry also advised after considering a variety of options for OCJ criminal court operations, the courthouse at 2201 Finch Avenue West will remain open, though services currently delivered there may change.  Over the coming months, ministry staff will consult with justice participants to confirm the criminal court operations at 2201 Finch Avenue after the new courthouse opens.