15 Legal Reads from The New Yorker Archives

  • July 29, 2014

With the launch of its new website, The New Yorker has opened its archives to the public. Here are 15 articles you’ll want to bookmark before this ‘summer of archives’ winds up:

1. The Mitigator

By Jeffrey Toobin

How Danalynn Recer’s Texas death-row defense strategies have won over juries and prosecutors alike. Read The Mitigator Article

2. Bag Man
Cracking down on fashion fakes

By Larissa MacFarquhar

“Counterfeiting,” lawyer Harley Lewin likes to say, “is more profitable than narcotics, and your partners don’t kill you.” Read Bag Man Article

3. Get Out of Jail, Inc.

By Sarah Stillman

Does the alternatives-to-incarceration industry profit from injustice? Read Get Out of Jail, Inc. Article

4. The Malpractice Mess
Who pays the price when patients sue doctors?

By Atul Gawande

The average American doctor in a high-risk practice like surgery or obstetrics is sued about once every six years. Read The Malpractice Mess Article

5. Casualties of Justice

By Jeffrey Toobin

The US Justice Department wronged Senator Ted Stevens. It may have also destroyed one of his prosecutors. How Nicholas Marsh went from being leader of a criminal inquiry to a subject. Read Casualties of Justice Article

6. A Ten-Year-Old’s Divorce Lawyer

By Joshua Hersh

Shada Nasser argued the case of the world’s youngest divorcee. Read Ten-Year-Old’s Divorce Lawyer Article

7. Mining’s New Joint Venture

By Gabe Friedman

Since Canada started granting commercial permits to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes in 2013, at least thirty junior mining enterprises have started diversifying into medical marijuana. Read Mining’s New Joint Venture Article

8. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Disney World

By Tim Wu

“Escape from Tomorrow”, your typical low-budget indie film, was surreptitiously shot entirely inside of Disney World. Does Disney have a good trademark or copyright case? Read a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Disney World Article

9. Trial by Twitter

By Ariel Levy

After high-school football stars were accused of rape, online vigilantes demanded that justice be served. Was it? Read Trial by Twitter Article

10. Rethinking the Keystone Pipeline

By Michelle Nijhuis

The threat of an increase in oil-sands production is all the more reason to reform the energy and climate policies of both Canada and the United States. Read

11. Why Bill Clinton Signed the Defense of Marriage Act

By Richard Socarides

“As the president who signed the act into law, I have come to believe that DOMA is contrary to those principles and, in fact, incompatible with our Constitution.” Read Why Bill Clinton Signed the Defense of Marriage Act Article

12. China’s Bystander Effect

By Evan Osnos

Compassion, ethics and the law. Read China’s Bystander Effect Article

13. Good Faith

By Adam Gopnik

The compelling story of Henry Morgantaler. Read Good Faith Article

14. The Golden Age
Frenzy on Bathurst Street

By Calvin Trillin

Exploring Toronto's cash-for-gold war. Read The Golden Age Article

15. What’s the Point of City Logos?

By Paul Hiebert

Not long ago, Toronto’s Globe and Mail commissioned eight graphic designers to create new logos for Toronto. It’s not immediately obvious that a new logo would affect a city’s reputation, yet cities persist at changing them. Read What’s the Point of City Logos? Article