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Arguing a Motion in Estate Litigation

  • 13 décembre 2022

Whether it is an issue concerning an intestacy, testamentary trusts, guardianship, or even removing an estate trustee, effective advocacy in Estate Litigation is of the utmost importance.

Student Forum, Droit des fiducies et des successions

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Navigating Distribution Challenges in Class Actions Awards and Settlements

  • 12 décembre 2022

Distribution issues can be vexing for class counsel. Following amendments to the Class Proceedings Act, the Court may now hold back a portion of class counsel’s fees and disbursements until it is satisfied with the distribution of the monetary award or the settlement funds.

Droit des recours collectifs, Student Forum

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for Lawyers with Disabilities in the Practice of Law

  • 02 décembre 2022

As lawyers, we have a proactive responsibility to promote EDI in our profession and beyond. Despite increased public and professional attention given to EDI topics in the past few years, many of us are still developing our skills in this area.

Droit constitutionnel, libertés civiles et droits de la personne, Avocats du secteur public, Student Forum

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Practice and Legislative Update

  • 30 novembre 2022

Construction lawyers want to be up to speed on substantive and procedural trends and developments in this challenging legal area.

Droit de la construction et infrastructure, Student Forum