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New Build Transactions

  • February 22, 2023

There are many enticing elements to the construction process such as home customization and a gradual path to closing.

Real Property Law, Student Forum

Complimentary Archived Video

The Cost of ‘Free’ Content – The Intersection of Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law

  • February 13, 2023

A fulsome discussion about the legal implications of the shift from “traditional” TV and film funding and delivery models to streaming services and internet platforms (Twitch, YouTube etc.) and the effects on the IP rights of production companies, artists, and distributors with reference to content regulation, project financing, distribution and licensing.

Entertainment, Media and Communications Law, Student Forum

Complimentary Archived Video

Arguing a Motion in Estate Litigation

  • December 13, 2022

Whether it is an issue concerning an intestacy, testamentary trusts, guardianship, or even removing an estate trustee, effective advocacy in Estate Litigation is of the utmost importance.

Student Forum, Trusts and Estates Law