Ontario’s Ombudsman Just Called … What’s Next?

  • 21 février 2023
  • David J. Potts, city solicitor, City of Peterborough

The Ontario Ombudsman’s jurisdiction has included municipalities since 2016. In the intervening years, municipalities have been adjusting to the expanded oversight role of the Ombudsman. This article summarizes key issues for municipalities to consider regarding the Ombudsman, including its jurisdiction and the consideration of guidelines for staff.

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Case Review – The Impact of International Free Trade Agreements on Municipal Procurement

  • 21 février 2023
  • Melanie Benedict, student-at-law, Legal Services, Legislative & Planning Services, Halton Region

In the appealed decision of Thales DIS Canada Inc v Ontario, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice held that provincial procurement processes must conform to Canada’s obligations pursuant to international free trade agreements, such as CETA, in order to be considered reasonable. The factors contributing to reasonable procurement decisions are relevant to municipalities, who may wish to watch for the Court of Appeal’s findings on that question and any finding on bid dispute mechanisms.

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Most Significant Cases In Employment Law - 2022

  • 21 février 2023
  • Daria (Dasha) Peregoudova, Ljubica Durlovska, and Zachary Sippel

This article explores the most significant employment law cases in 2022, and their related implications.

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photo of author Rob Richler

What You Need to Know About Recent Changes to the Employment Standards Act: Policies, Exemptions, and More

  • 15 février 2023
  • Rob Richler

There have been several changes to Ontario employment law over the past year that will have lasting impacts on both employees and employers. A ban on non-compete agreements, mandatory written policies on disconnecting from work & electronic monitoring, business & IT consultants becoming exempt from ESA and new rules of temporary help agencies and recruiters are among these changes. Read on to learn about the implications of these changes on employee and employers in Ontario.

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man and child walking side by side along a path in an autumnal, tree- and shrub-filled park, enjoying nature

The Right of Public Access to Nature: How do you care for something you cannot access?

  • 14 février 2023
  • Carissa Wong

This article considers how a right of public access to nature, or lack thereof, impacts the Canadian approach to environmental protection and social and economic development. The author compares the Canadian and Swedish relationship with their natural environment and how this informs our value system when it comes to statutory environmental protections.

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Bill 23: Wither the Conservation Authorities?

  • 14 février 2023
  • Paula Boutis, counsel, Aird & Berlis LLP

This article provides an overview of the impact Bill 23 and the changing role of Conservation Authorities in Ontario.

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Closing the Gaps: Single-use Plastic Regulations, Recycling, Recycled Content and Labelling Rules in Canada

  • 14 février 2023
  • Denisa Mertiri, senior associate, and Morgane L. Besner, associate, Borden Ladner Gervais

This article provides an update on the status of single-use plastic regulations and other regulatory measures – including recycling – taken to reduce the impact of plastics in the environment across Canada, and provides an overview of upcoming federal regulations on recycled content and labelling rules for products.

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Personality Rights of Dead Celebrities in Canada and Who Owns Them?

  • 13 février 2023
  • Govind K Chaturvedi

Personality rights of deceased celebrities have been the subject of debate for many years due to the continued popularity of these individuals beyond their death. Recently, two events have sparked renewed discussions on the matter. These events raise ethical and legal issues related to publicity, privacy, and intellectual property. This article will explore these issues through the lens of prior case law.

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Importance of a Shareholders' Agreement

  • 10 février 2023
  • Jumi D. Odepe

A shareholders' Agreement is often overlooked by business owners. This shareholders' Agreement can assist the owners of the business entity to understand their rights, obligations, and expectations when it comes to their business dealings especially where there is conflict. It is important to assist clients to recognize why they require a shareholders' agreement where there is more than one shareholder in a business.

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