Apps to Assist the Labour and Employment Lawyer

  • June 16, 2020
  • Jessica Fay and Janeta Zurakowski, Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP

The year is 2020. A global health pandemic hits. The courts and tribunals close. Lawyers almost universally start working remotely.  But, the practice of labour and employment law must go on as both employees and employers continue to require legal advice, perhaps now more than ever.  In this unique climate, how does a labour and employment lawyer manage a demanding practice? Well, there’s likely an “app” (or six!) for that.

We’ve rounded up the best “apps” for labour and employment lawyers, whose practices often include both solicitor and barrister functions.

1.         Zoom

Zoom is the original software-based conference room solution. If you haven’t used the Zoom platform, you are truly missing out on a superb online video conferencing experience. Even before working from home (now regularly referred to as “WFH”) was considered the “norm”, Zoom allowed multiple users to call-in to a meeting, conduct a webinar, catch up with friends, and even play a board game. 

2.         LinkedIn        

Once strictly a social network, now a robust marketing tool, and, in recent times, a source of headline news, LinkedIn allows lawyers to stay in touch with colleagues and clients, market to potential new clients, and stay informed about current (ever-changing) headlines without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. 

3.         Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is like an iPhone photo camera, but elevated. Gone are the days when photocopying and scanning required, well, a photocopier and scanner. With Tiny Scanner, you can open up your Employment Litigation Manual text, take a photo of the relevant excerpt with your cell phone, Tiny Scanner converts the photo to a scanned PDF document which you can send to your email, and insert directly into your book of authorities. What a dream!