Welcome to Your Section Newsletter - 2019-2020

  • 31 octobre 2019
  • Gregory Ko, Kastner Law, and Esi Codjoe, Turnpenney Milne LLP

Welcome to the first edition of the 2019-2020 Labour & Employment Section newsletter.  

The newsletter is a forum for our members to share their expertise and keep current on emerging topics in workplace law.  

This year, we intend to deliver 10 issues organized according to theme:

  • Issue 1: The Intro Edition (October 2019)
  • Issue 2: The Labour Law Edition (November 2019)
  • Issue 3: The Federally Regulated Employment Edition (December 2019)
  • Issue 4: The Insolvency and Workplace Law Edition (January 2020)
  • Issue 5: The Mediation and Settlement Edition (February 2020)
  • Issue 6: The Workplace Safety Edition (March 2020)
  • Issue 7: The Practice Management and Technology Edition (April 2020)
  • Issue 8: The Employment Law Edition (May 2020)
  • Issue 9:  The Human Rights Edition (June 2020)
  • Issue 10: The Summer Edition (July 2020)

Thank you to our members who have agreed to submit articles for the coming year.  

If you are interested in contributing to this year’s newsletter, please send your article ideas to Gregory Ko and Esi Codjoe.