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Brock Jones

Q&A with Brock Jones, OBA Award of Excellence in Criminal Justice Recipient

  • 14 mai 2020

Brock Jones, Assistant Crown Attorney for the Scarborough Crown Attorney's Office, is being honoured this year with the OBA Award of Excellence in Criminal Justice for his outstanding leadership and contribution to the advancement of criminal law. Gain a glimpse of what motivates him and how he is making a difference in his area of practice in this candid Q&A.

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Why Ontario’s Victim Compensation Bill Will Hurt Those It’s Designed to Help

  • 18 décembre 2019
  • Shiva Bakhtiary, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

Victims of crime in Ontario will now get significantly less compensation and will no longer have their cases heard before an impartial adjudicator after Bill 100 amends the Compensation for Victims of Crime Act and dissolves the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board.

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Conditional Discharges and the Sex Offender Registry

  • 11 novembre 2019
  • Amanda Ross

Amanda Ross provides a case summary for R. v. Henry, 2019 ONSC 4978. In the case (a summary conviction appeal), the Honourable Mr. Justice Schreck considered the Ontario Court of Appeal's recent decision in G. v. Ontario (Attorney General), 2019 ONCA 264, and ruled that a conditional discharge is not a “sentence” for the purposes of SOIRA and does not trigger the imposition of an order to register and comply with its terms.

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Practice Tips: The Courtesy Call

  • 17 octobre 2019
  • Harpreet Saini

Criminal defence and immigration lawyer Harpreet Saini provides practice tips for ethical lawyering: how to professionally and courteously handle a call when a potential client already has counsel.

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Is S. 320.31(9) a Soules Survivor?

  • 16 septembre 2019
  • Alan D. Gold

Alan Gold discusses the impact of changes to drinking, drugs and driving offence legislation - specifically, how new statement admissibility legislation stacks up next to existing jurisprudence.

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