Congratulations to the incoming 2016-2017 Civil Litigation Section Executive

  • July 11, 2016

The OBA welcomes the 2016-2017 Civil Litigation Section Executive.   The new executive takes over in August 15th, 2016.  The Civil Litigation executive is responsible for facilitating learning, advocacy and networking on behalf of the Civil Litigation section.

Civil Litigation Section Executive 2016-2017

Name Position
Maureen Whelton Chair
Andrea Sanche Vice Chair
Barry Weintraub Past-Chair
Fiona Legere Secretary
John Polyzogopoulos Newsletter Editor
Geoff Mowatt CLE Liaison
Catherine Korte Program Coordinator
Brent Arnold Technology Liaison

Shaun Laubman

Public Affairs Liaison
Yulia Rodionova Public Affairs Liaison

Sahar Cadili

Regional Programming
Warren WhiteKnight Regional Programming
Richard Butler Member at Large
Peter Carey Member at Large
Annette Casullo Member at Large
Brendan Clancy Member at Large
Amandeep Dhillon Member at Large
Rachel Migicovsky Member at Large
Justin Nasseri Member at Large
Andrew Ottaway Member at Large
Mirilyn Sharp Member at Large
Bevin Shores Member at Large
Christopher Wirth Member at Large
David Woodfield Member at Large