2020-2021 OBA Innovator in Residence

OBA Innovator in Residence Friedrich Blase.  Putting Innovation in Practice


Mr. Blase has spent 20 years working for and with law firms and legal departments around the world. He will apply this experience and his technical expertise to creating the testing tools and knowhow to allow our member firms to choose the tech products that are right for them.

“Law firm managers have told us that too much time, money and other resources are taken up researching and choosing technology tools. Lawyers have told us that the integration of technology in their firms is sometimes a bumpy ride,” says OBA President Charlene Theodore. “This year's Innovator in Residence aims to help reduce the time, cost and frustration of choosing, testing and integrating. There is literally no time like the present for the OBA to offer services that help our members experience technology as a help rather than a hindrance.”

The OBA has become a trusted source for advancing innovation in the legal profession, and the Innovator in Residence initiative is a critical part of this work.

“One of our top priorities is to keep moving forward with the modernization momentum we have seen recently,” says Colin Stevenson, Chair of the OBA’s Practice Innovation and Technology Committee, which oversees the work of the Innovator in Residence program. “And that critical work will continue with Friedrich’s contributions complementing the OBA’s innovation services and work.”

Mr. Blase says he is looking forward to working with OBA members to help develop testing and analysis tools that lawyers will be able to use to make software and technology decisions for their practice.

“We’ve witnessed the justice system rapidly embrace technology over the past few months, and this has highlighted the critical need for lawyers to have the tools that help them serve their clients,” Mr. Blase says. “Lawyers need to quickly make investments in technology for their firms. That’s where I aim to be helpful. I am looking forward to providing support for lawyers who are making these decisions for their practices.” 

Please visit the Innovator in Residence website to learn more about the program.