About the Program

The OBA's Groundbreaking “Innovator-in-Residence” Program helps lawyers put innovation into practice

The Ontario Bar Association (OBA) Innovator-in-Residence Program, will create tools and services to help lawyers and law firms thrive in a rapidly changing world.

About the Program

Starting this year, the OBA will annually appoint and support an Innovator to serve a 10-month term in which they will focus on a designated innovation theme of importance to practicing lawyers.

While “in residence” the Innovator’s role will be to identify, develop and advance innovations that will help lawyers better serve their clients. Throughout the term, the OBA will deliver practical, cutting-edge tools, services and supports to lawyers and law firms.

As an annually funded initiative, the Innovator-in-Residence will consistently offer the profession the fresh perspectives, knowledge, skills, and connections necessary to drive change and keep pace with the speed of innovation.