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<!--<h2>2023 Award Recipient</h2>

<p><img alt="B McCutcheon" class="align-left" src="/CBAMediaLibrary/cba_on/Images/Award%20Headshots/2022WCB_McCutchen.png" /><strong>Brendan McCutchen</strong><br />Nigel Johnson,&nbsp; Partner, McCarthy Tetrault LLP</p>
<p>The OBA&#39;s Workers&#39; Compensation Law Section is pleased to announce Nigel Johnson as the recipient of its 2023 OBA Ron Ellis Award for Excellence in Workers&#39; Compensation Law.</p>-->

<h2>About the Award</h2>

<p>All members in good standing of the Ontario Bar Association Workers&rsquo; Compensation Section are invited to nominate candidates for the annual<strong> Ron Ellis Award</strong>. This Award was created to recognize exceptional contributions and/or achievements in the field of workers&rsquo; compensation law, including:</p>

    <li>the development of workers&rsquo; compensation law, including teaching, scholarly writing and lobbying;</li>
    <li>outstanding advocacy or adjudication;</li>
    <li>leadership in the workers&rsquo; compensation bar, the government, the Law Society of Ontario and/or the Ontario Bar Association in relation to workers&rsquo; compensation issues, legislation, and administration;</li>
    <li>leadership in the workers&rsquo; compensation bar through sharing knowledge, experience, skill and commitment with other new lawyers and the worker, employer and neutral communities;</li>
    <li>the enhancement of the practice of&nbsp; workers&rsquo; compensation law.</li>


<p>Any person meeting the criteria, excluding current members&nbsp;of the OBA Workers&#39; Compensation Section Executive or OBA Executive,&nbsp;is eligible.</p>


<p>The presentation of this award will be made virtually in the&nbsp;Fall 2023.</p>

<h2>Nomination Procedure</h2>

<p>Nominators are requested to send in a written nomination with a curriculum vitae outlining the candidate&rsquo;s qualifications. The nominator must indicate that the candidate has been advised of the nomination prior to the nomination deadline and consents to the nomination.</p>

<p>All nominations will be reviewed by the Ron Ellis Award Nominations Committee. This Committee will make a recommendation for the successful candidate to the Executive of the Section.&nbsp; The Nominations Committee is composed of equal&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;numbers of representatives from the employer, worker, and neutral members of the Section.</p>

<h2>Deadline for Applications</h2>

<h4><a class="button" href="/About-US/About-Us/AwardForms/Workers-Compensation-Law-Award">Online Nomination Form</a></h4>

<p>All nomination information must be submitted online no later than <strong>5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 26, 2023</strong>.&nbsp;</p>

<h2>Selection Process</h2>

<p>The Nominations Committee will review the nominations and recommend candidates to the Executive of the Workers&rsquo; Compensation Section.&nbsp; The recipient shall be chosen from the candidates submitted by the Nominations Committee to the Executive of the Workers&rsquo; Compensation Section by a majority vote of the Executive. The number of awards to be presented annually will not normally exceed one.</p>

<p>The Selection Committee shall consider OBA policies, rules and guidelines on Diversity and Inclusion when selecting the winner of the Award.</p>

<p>A sculpture is presented to the recipient.</p>

<h2>Additional Information</h2>


<p><strong>Faryal&nbsp;Mehboob</strong><br />
Coordinator, OBA Workers&#39; Compensation Section<br />
Ontario Bar Association<br />
300-20 Toronto Street<br />
Toronto, ON M5C 2B8<br />
(800) 668-8900 or (416) 869-1047 x 366<br />
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<h2 class="title">Past Recipients</h2>

<p>Past recipient winners of the OBA Ron Ellis Award include:</p>

<div class="three-col">
    <li><strong>2022</strong>-&nbsp;Brendan McCutchen</li>
    <li><strong>2021 </strong>-&nbsp;Rosemarie McCutcheon</li>
    <li><strong>2020 </strong>-&nbsp;Chris James</li>
    <li><strong>2019 - </strong>John Bartolomeo</li>
    <li><strong>2018</strong>- Carole Prest</li>
    <li><strong>2017</strong>- Stephen Roberts and Michael Zacks</li>
    <li><strong>2016</strong>- Dr. Michel Lacerte</li>
    <li><strong>2015</strong>- David Wilken</li>
    <li><strong>2014</strong>- Laura A. Russell</li>
    <li><strong>2013</strong>- Eleanor Smith</li>
    <li><strong>2012</strong>- Professor Terence Ison</li>
    <li><strong>2011</strong>- Robert A. Boswell</li>
    <li><strong>2010</strong>- Maureen Kenny</li>
    <li><strong>2009</strong>- John Slinger</li>
    <li><strong>2008</strong>- Stephen Mantis</li>
    <li><strong>2007</strong>- Professor Paul Weiler</li>
    <li><strong>2006</strong>- Ian Strachan</li>
    <li><strong>2005</strong>- David Gorelle</li>
    <li><strong>2004</strong>- Marion Endicott</li>
    <li><strong>2003</strong>- Nick McCombie</li>
    <li><strong>2002</strong>- Dan Revington</li>
    <li><strong>2001</strong>- David Brady</li>
    <li><strong>2000</strong>- Alec Farquhar</li>
    <li><strong>1999</strong>- Dr. Robert Elgie, Gary Newhouse</li>