Welcome from the Editor

  • September 20, 2019
  • Nabila Khan, Section Newsletter Editor

Dear Members,

I am so delighted to welcome you to our 2019/2020 WLF Section Newsletter! We have some exciting events and programming underway this year, along with new content and sections in our Section Insider newsletter.

We kicked off the year with a full house at our annual social on September 16, 2019, which was an enormous success and attended by lawyers and law students alike. Next up, we have our first CPD program of the year, Associate’s Roundtable – Let’s Talk Pay, on September 24, 2019.

Other Fall/Winter programming to keep an eye out for include the next instalment in our Pathways to Power series on October 9th; a regional programme on Financial Planning at the Waterloo Region Courthouse on October 16th; Feminist Developments in the Law on December 4th; and the OBA Institute Changemaker’s Breakfast on February 5th.

The Section Insider newsletter will continue to regularly highlight articles by our members, past and upcoming programs, and executive member introductions. I am also pleased to announce three regular sections that we’ll be including in each Insider this year: the Parenting/Caregiver Support Section, Wellness Tips, and our new series: This is What a Lawyer Looks Like.