Reminding Yourself of Your Purpose as a Lawyer

  • November 28, 2018
  • Richa Sandill, vice-chair

Writing remains one of my biggest passions both within and alongside my practice. In an effort to sharpen my skills, the other evening I was casually browsing some weekend creative writing classes in the city, when I found a class description that really took me aback. This class was specifically aimed at community workers and leaders who felt emotionally “burnt out” from the everyday of their roles. The class offered an opportunity for these individuals who work to make a difference in the community to spend time writing and re-connecting with why they had started this work in the first place.

Think about it: someone who enters these kinds of fields does not enter into them lightly. I would imagine they do so with a purpose and a passion for making the community a better place. Being able to do what they love would presumably be fulfilling or invigorating enough. However, the fact that such classes exist tells me that sometimes, even those most passionate about their jobs can lose track of their reasons for entering in the first place. This original passion can be soon replaced instead with feelings of being overwhelmed by a reality filled with stress and unpredictability.

Does that sound familiar to any lawyers out there reading this?