Get to Know Your Execs in Five Minutes (or less) – Part II

  • November 03, 2020
  • Adil Abdulla

In this ongoing series, we will profile each of the members of the OBA IP/ IT Law Section Executives to learn about them in five minutes or less. It’s five minutes or less because we know that a lot of you docket in six-minute increments!


Name: Adil Abdulla

Position: Student Member-at-Large

Who is Adil Abdulla? Hi everyone! I am the Student Member-at-Large on the IT & IP Law Section, and an articling student at Lenczner Slaght Royce Smith Griffin LLP. At Lenczner, I work on a wide variety of litigation files, but I get particularly excited about the technology and IP cases.

Why did you choose law school (and the area of IP/IT in particular) and what would you tell a young law student entering law school and the IT/IP field?  I have always found it fascinating how the law can shape human progress, of which IT & IP law is the prime example. That field also intersects with privacy and competition law in a way that gives rise to really interesting policy debates. Working on these cases feels like gazing into the future while getting to learn about the technology that will get us there.