Intellectual property law plays a role in every area of innovation, from the creation of new brands and works, to the development of innovations and new designs. From patenting new inventions to trademarking sounds and smells, and protecting artistic works and business secrets, the law of intellectual property continues to evolve and change, particularly in view of Canada’s international obligations.

Information technology law is also a fast-evolving area with developments in artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing and other emerging technologies. As technology continues to advance, so do the legal and regulatory considerations around them, especially as Canada aims to standardize its approach to these novel concepts with other jurisdictions worldwide.

This practice section aims to assist practitioners in getting and staying up-to-date on emerging legal and industry issues and practices in these fascinating fields. The intersection between intellectual property, information technology and related legal issues that arise are just some of the topics the section addresses with its members—from the perspective of strategic business, risk management and litigation considerations.