Get to Know Your Execs in Five Minutes (or less) – Part V

  • 24 mars 2020

In this ongoing series, we will profile each of the members of the OBA IP/ IT Law Section Executives to learn about them in five minutes or less. It’s five minutes or less because we know that a lot of you docket in six minute increments!


Name: Abigail Smith

Position: Member-at-Large

Who is Abigail Smith? Hello! I’m a Member-at-Large on the OBA IT/IP Law Executive and a Senior Associate practicing life sciences intellectual property and regulatory law at Smart & Biggar LLP in Toronto.

Why did you choose IP/IT and what would you tell a young lawyer entering the IT/IP field? Prior to studying law I completed degrees in biochemistry and chemistry and entered law school largely resolved to work at the intersection of law and science. My IP courses were among those I enjoyed the most so the decision to pursue IP professionally was easy.

I would tell young lawyers entering the field to dive in! Grab every opportunity and learn as much as you can: work with profs, participate in moots, talk to practitioners, attend conferences, etc.