Get to Know Your Execs in Five Minutes (or less) – Part VI

  • 28 avril 2020

In this ongoing series, we will profile each of the members of the OBA IP/ IT Law Section Executives to learn about them in five minutes or less. It’s five minutes or less because we know that a lot of you docket in six minute increments!


Name: Stephanie Carbone

Position: Technology Liason

Who is Stephanie Carbone? Hi everyone! This is my second year as a member of the OBA IP/ IT Law Section’s Executive Committee. I’m also a corporate lawyer at the awesome firm Keslassy Freedman Gelfand LLP in Toronto and an active member of the OBA Entertainment, Media and Communications Law Section’s Executive Committee.

Why did you choose IP/IT and what would you tell a young lawyer entering the IT/IP field? My articling principal told us during our first week at the firm to find an area of law that you get lost in – the type of work that doesn’t have you counting down the minutes until the end of the day. And that is exactly what Intellectual Property is for me. As I strive to develop and specialize my practice area, I have learned more and more how incredibly important the protection of people’s thoughts and ideas is. It is certainly an area I find myself “getting lost in” daily.

As a young lawyer entering the IP/IT field myself, I don’t have too much advice other than not to give up on what you’re passionate about whether it be through your work or extra curriculars. Getting involved in this Section was the best way for me to learn more about the practice and meet other like-minded people. I would certainly encourage others, like myself, to run for a position on the Executive Committee. Elections are just around the corner!

What does the “regular, non-lawyer” you, like to do? Non-lawyer Stephanie enjoys planning her upcoming wedding in September (provided COVID-19 doesn’t let her down), baking cupcakes and practicing her Italian language skills with her grandfather.