You are Enough

  • 29 novembre 2022
  • Neha Chugh

I have laid awake so many nights worried that I am not enough for my kids. That I am not enough for my clients. That I am not enough for other lawyers and this profession. 

When I think about civility and professionalism, I wonder about how to balance traditional notions of civility with our collective need to challenge systemic issues plaguing our justice system and the status quo. I wonder if I am enough for this task.

Civility goes beyond diplomacy and just being nice to one another. It doesn’t mean avoiding conflict. This new generation of lawyers has been tasked with undoing so many historical wrongs, the weight of which can be unbearable. We work in a system where so many individuals are reminded that we don’t belong, on a daily basis, and within the pressures of an adversarial system. The great privilege of being able to advocate for clients, to wade into conflict with humor and grace has saved me time and time again.