Producing Financial Disclosure in Family Law: A Poem

  • December 09, 2019
  • David Frenkel, LL.B., Gelman & Associates

What evil lurks behind the veil?
Which skeletons await?
Why don’t you show your bank accounts?
Why are you always late?

Can you walk me through your business structure
to see how it is built?
Or are you playing hide and seek
without a shame or guilt?

Is it fair that your delays and tactics
cause financial pain?
Your former spouse will look at you
with even more disdain.

The partner that you once had loved
has gone through quite enough.
Why do you choose to cause such grief?
Why do you play so rough?

The disclosure that you now withhold,
is something that we need;
Roberts v. Roberts
is a case you’ll want to read.

It speaks of basic obligations
and the duty to disclose.
Can you now ignore the court
with your upheld nose?

The expectation of disclosure
is not the “exception.”
Should you not just heed that call
along with full reception?