Plan for the Ban: New Consultation Launched for Plastics Labelling Framework and Federal Plastics Registry

  • June 23, 2023
  • Talia Gordner, partner, Julia Loney, partner, and Khaleed Mawji, articling student, McMillan LLP

In our last “Plan for the Ban” bulletin, we discussed the federal government’s consultation regarding proposed labelling rules to enhance the accuracy of recyclability and compostability information on plastic packaging and the establishment of a federal plastics registry requiring plastic producers to report annually on their plastic contribution to the Canadian economy. The federal government has now published a summary of the feedback received during this consultation period as well as two additional consultation papers: one on the regulatory framework for plastic labelling regulations and the other on technical reporting requirements for the federal plastics registry. Stakeholders have until May 18, 2023 to review and provide feedback on both consultation papers.

This is the seventh bulletin in our “Plan for the Ban” series regarding prohibitions and increased regulation of single-use plastics.[1] This bulletin summarizes the federal government’s report on its most recent consultation regarding the government’s recyclability and compostability labelling and federal plastics registry initiatives. It also discusses the two new open consultation papers.