New Media: The Emerging Landscape

  • August 28, 2012

New or digital/interactive media is rapidly evolving to affect and connect many industry sectors, from entertainment, media, communications, information technology, and advertising and marketing, to e-commerce. Lawyers and their clients face considerable challenges in finding effective ways to respond to myriad emerging legal and business issues.

New Media: The Emerging Landscape will provide participants with the opportunity to hear from industry leaders on current issues facing the new/interactive media space, as well as the issues which will influence its ongoing evolution. The esteemed roster of speakers will share their ideas on such topics as the future of Canadian Content; the current collective bargaining landscape in the USA and Canada with respect to the new/interactive media industry; financing new media in Canada (with a focus on Ontario); and technological and social developments in this ever changing industry. This program will be of interest to lawyers and non-lawyers alike, whether working directly in digital or interactive new media or in any field feeling the effects of this emerging industry.


At the End of the Beginning of Interactive Technologies
Available Publications
Technology Trends in Business & Society

Dr. David Jacobson, Futurist and Director - Emerging Technologies at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC)

The Future of New Media Cancon

Reinventing Tool Kit: Canadian Content on New Media
Notice of Public Hearing CRTC 2008-11

Peter Grant, Councel, McCarthy Tetrault LLP
David Ellis, Digital Media Strategist, Course Director: York University

Collective Bargaining in the New Media Age
Stephen Waddell, Executive Director, ACTRA
Jayson Mosek, National Manager, Industrial and Production Relations, CFTPA

Collective Bargaining in the New Media Age
Laurie Channer, Director of Industrial Relations, WGC

Financing New Media
Jennifer Blitz, Director of Tax Credits at the Ontario Media Development Corporation