This year (2017/2018) is the inaugural year of the OBA’s new Elder Law Section. Our Section engages advocacy, professional development, and community to further the interests of older adults and the legal practitioners who serve them.

The Elder Law Section focuses on legal issues from the perspective of the older adult whose rights are in issue. Elder Law is an emerging field that intersects with numerous other areas of law.

Lawyers practicing in real estate, family law, health law, housing, human rights, criminal law, income security, and estates (just to name a few) will find that the legal issues and needs of older adults are unique. For that reason, the Elder Law Section provides the resources, tools, and expertise required to serve older adults across a broad spectrum of practice areas.

The Elder Law Section also advocates directly for older adults by engaging in consultation, legislative change, submissions, recommendations, public speaking, and professional development.

Contact the OBA to join us as a Member-at-Large, or contact any of our Executives for more information on how we can help.