Congratulations to the incoming 2017-2018 Construction and Infrastructure Law Section Executive

  • June 15, 2017

The OBA welcomes the 2017-2018 Construction and Infrastructure Law Section Executive. The new executives assume their roles on August 15th, 2017.  The Construction and Infrastructure Law executive is responsible for facilitating learning, advocacy and networking on behalf of Construction and Infrastructure Law section.


Yonni D. Fushman Chair
Edward G. Betts Vice-Chair
Dante A. Capannelli Past-Chair
Todd Robinson Secretary
Patricia Skringer Newsletter Editor
Catherine DiMarco CPD Liaison
David Outerbridge CPD Liaison
Maria Ruberto CPD Liaison
Joseph Cosentino Technology Liaison
Andrea Lee Public Affairs Liaison
Aaron E. Atcheson Regional Programming
Jeff St. Aubin Member at Large
Bruce Karn Member at Large
Shane Kazushner Member at Large
Jason Lewis Member at Large
Edward W. Lynde Member at Large
Kyle MacLean Member at Large
Chris Moran Member at Large
Lea Nebel Member at Large
Andrew O’Brien Member at Large
Meghan A. Pohl Member at Large
Courtney V. Raphael Member at Large
Michael R. Swartz Member at Large
Parker J. Mckibbon Student Member at Large