Highlights from the Citizenship and Immigration Law Section's Recent Program on Technology, Cyber Security Issues, Paperless Offices and Online Marketing

  • December 16, 2020
  • Maryana Viguiliouk, barrister and solicitor, Viguiliouk Law

On November 19, 2020, the OBA’s Citizenship and Immigration Law Section hosted a valuable and timely program focused on the critical cyber security issues, ins and outs of going paperless, online marketing and how to select the best software for your practice in order to increase efficiency.

The program, Practicing Immigration Law in Today’s World: Practice Management Advice for Your Remote Workplace, was co-chaired by Elizabeth Long of Long Mangalji LLP and Leslie Morley of Morley Law Office and featured an esteemed panel of leading experts in cyber security, online marketing and remote working environment. The panel for this program included Elise Bell of Immigration Solutions Law Group PC, Leslie Babel of Digital Fire and Eva Chan who is a social media strategist and consultant.

Over the course of the program the panelists shared valuable practice management advice and helpful best practices for ensuring your immigration practice not only survives, but flourishes, in this new world.  The program was extremely informative and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from all participants. The archived video and presentation materials from the featured program will be a valuable resource for anyone who practices law in this new world and could be found on the OBA’s website. Some highlights from the program are provided below.