OBA President interview on depression on NewsTalk1010 “honest and raw”

  • September 22, 2014

Orlando Da Silva, LSM talks to Paul and Carol Motts on depression and the legal profession

Orlando Da Silva, LSM, president of the Ontario Bar Association, was recently interviewed by Paul and Carol Motts, hosts of the popular radio program The Motts which is broadcast in Toronto on NewsTalk1010 as well as about a half dozen other radio stations across Ontario.

The focus of the interview was Da Silva’s own experience with depression and how depression impacts the legal profession and all people.

“Orlando was an amazing guest,” said Carol Motts.  “He gave such an honest and raw
interview.  I am sure it will help many people see the signs in their loved ones, or themselves.”

In the interview, Da Silva speaks with searing honesty about his own struggle with depression, which included a period of hospitalization.

“The thing I was worried about most was what will people think? What will my colleagues think? Will they see this as a weakness? Will they give me the files I wanted to take care of? Will my family love me as much if they knew? And so I kept it a secret. But hearing about other professionals, other people – not just lawyers – who suffer, I thought, as president of the Ontario Bar Association, I had a unique opportunity to start a discussion, at least amongst lawyers, more hopefully, about the stigma about depression, about the signs, and about how little it takes to actually help somebody.

“For me, the Ontario Bar Association was a way for meeting lawyers outside of the adversarial process. I can’t tell you how many times it made a big difference to me to have a pat on the back from somebody I respected in the profession. And sometimes that human contact is all you need to keep you grounded and to keep you thinking rationally about your worth in the world.”

The entire interview can be heard on line. Click this link http://www.themotts.ca/listen.php then click the Sept. 6 broadcast. The interview with Da Silva is part way through the broadcast at 23:30.