Deputy Attorney General talks charter rights at OBA event

  • October 11, 2013

Patrick Monahan is one of the most remarkable people on the Canadian legal landscape.

He is one of Canada’s leading legal scholars, and has written widely on constitutional and public policy issues.

He is also a talented administrator, who has been dean of Osgoode Hall Law School as well as vice president academic and provost at York University. At present he is Deputy Attorney General of Ontario.

Monahan recently spoke at an event organized by the Ontario Bar Association’s Constitutional and Civil Law section. His topic was fundamental freedoms and the Supreme Court of Canada’s interpretation of Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In his talk, Monahan said a “very stable jurisprudence” has developed under Section 2 of the Charter.

“It as a remarkable achievement to see how enduring that jurisprudence has been.”

Monahan said Section 2 of the charter underpins the fundamental rights of individuals, not groups.

“It is the dignity and the self worth of individuals that provides the moral force for the charter,” Monahan said.

A full recording of Monahan’s presentation is available for purchase on the OBA PD website and is free for members of the OBA’s Constitutional and Civil Law section.