Caroline Abela speaks with CBC Radio to kick off Make A Will Month 2017

  • November 01, 2017

Caroline Abela

To launch Make A Will Month 2017, Caroline Abela spoke with CBC Ontario Morning host Wei Chen about the OBA’s new public awareness campaign and the importance of having a properly drafted will. 

Caroline also spoke this morning with CBC Radio hosts in Thunder Bay, London, Kitchener and Windsor.

MAKE A WILL MONTH is an annual program allowing OBA members across the province to help engage and educate the public. This year the OBA has partnered the program with its Speakers Bureau for a month of public speaking events, supported by a broader public facing creative campaign, to raise awareness of common and emerging wills and estate planning issues. The speaking events include over 40 free legal information sessions by OBA volunteers in Toronto, Hamilton, Cambridge and Ottawa. 

As part of today’s interviews, Caroline spoke to some of the key issues behind her section’s involvement:

“I think that the real message here is that the Ontario Bar Association and its members want the public to understand the importance of having a will.”

“We work our entire lives to build our assets and it’s important that you make a will and get it done properly by someone who really has your interests in mind.” 

“Things don’t have to have monetary value to have there be a fight, in fact, a lot of the issues I see have to do with personal property. Sentimental things as opposed to money money money.”

“Lawyers can provide legal advice and we’re licensed to practice law. There’s a lawyer out there suitable for a person’s needs and there’s varying degrees of service that can be provided based on economic circumstance.” 

Click here to listen to Caroline’s complete conversation with Wei Chen (2:50).
Caroline Abela is Chair of the OBA Trusts & Estates Law Section and a partner at WeirFoulds LLP, who specializes in complex business and estate litigation matters.