OBA Members comment on the Law Practice Program

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PascaleI am pleased that the voice of practising lawyers will be heard in the design, delivery, and continuous improvement of this innovative new program. The OBA believes the advice of the legal profession will be instrumental in assisting Ryerson deliver a Law Practice Program that represents an excellent alternative path to licensing.

Pascale Daigneault, president of the Ontario Bar Association, and a practising lawyer from Sarnia.


Doug DowneyThe OBA will help Ryerson University ensure that this is a successful program by building in the practical skills and knowledge that law graduates need to acquire as they enter the law profession so that, as lawyers, so they can best serve the public interest. The LPP will provide additional opportunities for law graduates who want to practise in smaller centres and in rural and northern communities, which will have a positive impact on access to justice in Ontario.

Doug Downey, treasurer of the Ontario Bar Association and chair of OBA’s Law Practice Program committee. He is a practising lawyer from Orillia.