Case Lines

caselines - notifications to parties

Some parties are not receiving notifications when additional documents are added to CaseLines. Is this because staff are not turning on notifications?

Notifications are already turned on by default. Counsel are encouraged to check their junk mail folder for notifications. You can also click on the People tab and select “Update Access” beside your name to indicate your preference regarding notifications.

caselines – questions about PRESENTATIONS & TRAINING

Can Superior Court CaseLines presentations on family law refer to actual family law appearances such as case conferences, motions, settlement conferences etc. instead of event 1 and event 2? 

Is there a way for Court sessions to permit a test run so staff could practice uploading documents?

Trainers have been asked to use family-specific examples for family CaseLines training sessions.

However, the court cannot offer practice sessions since we use a live instance of CaseLines, and this is communicated to participants in the sessions.


The OBA is providing hand-on training to support the bar in the transition to CaseLines.

As part of this service, participants receive access to a fully functional test environment (“sandbox”), where they can fully familiarize themselves with all of the features in the platform.

The OBA offers multiple levels of registration to meet the training and support needs of the bar. Please refer to OBA CaseLines Training for all of the details.


Can court staff add all counsel of record rather than only the senior counsel, to avoid senior counsel having to add junior counsel to the case in CaseLines?

Staff have been directed to add all parties listed on the filings (for which they have an email), with the exception of Commercial List matters with more than 10 participants. See the Commercial List Filing Direction for more information.

caselines – capacity for Confidential materials

Can CaseLines functionality be changed to allow confidential materials to be uploaded so that only the judge and the uploading party can see?

No. At present, CaseLines can only used to share documents that all parties can see. Submitting confidential materials must be done by email to the Court.

caselines – questions about caselines

Who can staff speak to at the SCJ about specific questions about CaseLines?

If counsel have questions about CaseLines, they can contact the Ministry of the Attorney General Contact Centre by phone at 1-800-980-4962 or by email at