OBA Robe Bank

Join in the Ontario Bar Association Robe Bank

Recently, students like OBA Student Chair Heather Donkers, and young lawyers have been raising the cost of court robes as another expense they must incur at an already expensive time, and hundreds of lawyers instantly expressed an interest in helping. The OBA is creating easy ways to match those who need robes with those who want to donate or lend them.

Using the OBA’s unmatched network and communication tools, the ROBE BANK will help get robes from the people who have them to the people who need them. We are asking lawyers in the community like you if you are interested in donating or lending your robes to other lawyers who need them.

To participate in this program, please select one of the options below and fill in the online form to let us know how you would like to participate. Those open to participating will receive follow-up communication with more detail, including how the program will work and some fun ways that we will provide new lawyers with a chance to hear the legal adventures the robes had with their original owners - and what lessons spring from those adventures - and allow the original owners to follow the new adventures of their robes as a new lawyer dons them at the dawn of their career in a changing profession.