Women, Tech, and Law - Tips to Consider

  • 19 novembre 2020
  • Emilia Coto, Founder and Lawyer, Sisu Legal


Pandemic circumstances intensify inequalities related to gender, and other factors such as economic status, race, culture, language, and other intersecting elements of our identities. This article will discuss some technologies lawyers can consider adding to their practice to increase flexibility and efficiency in the practice of law, particularly at a time when the demands on our time appear to be greater than ever. This article will discuss some of the things you may want to consider when looking for a provider and will list potential providers, for your consideration.


  • Security - is the data encrypted in transit and at rest?
  • Data location - where is the data stored?
  • Backup capabilities - do they come included or is it additional?
  • Ease of use - how intuitive is this program?
  • Automation - will it be possible to use workflows to automate repetitive tasks?
  • Collaboration capabilities - how easy is it to collaborate with others using the software?
  • Cost -  what is the return on investment?