A Day in the Life of a Lawyer - WFH Edition

  • May 01, 2020
  • Michelle Seto, CPD Liaison

Week 4 of WFH – i.e. Working from Home 

7:00 AM – Wake-up and change into gym-wear (or the whole day will be spent in PJs). 

7:30 AM – Start 30-minute workout. Stop at 12-minute mark and wonder if signing up for a virtual gym class may provide more inspiration.  

7:42 AM – Examine the week-old bread and debate whether I can use it for toast. A trip to the grocery store means queuing for at least 45 minutes to get into the store. Yes, old bread is fine. 

8:00 AM – Scroll through email inbox, which is filled almost entirely by COVID-19 updates from law firms and companies explaining how they are handling the pandemic. This includes all law firms that I’ve ever worked across from on a deal since I was an articling student (almost ten years ago). 

8:30 AM – Dial-in to my daily WebEx video meeting with the legal team. Again, can’t find conference dial-in details or meeting code. 

8:35 AM – Successfully dial-in on my third attempt. I wonder what the appropriate etiquette is for home conference calls. Is it rude to quietly munch on my toast if I am not on mute? 

8:45 AM – Attempt to contribute to the meeting in a meaningful way and then realize that my phone is on mute (yet again). Unfortunately, the discussion has moved on. Mute again to avoid embarrassment. At least my ear plugs have been charged. 

9:00 AM to noon – Start to draft agreement that I’ve been procrastinating on for a week. Regret not bringing my two computer office monitors home. Switching between computer tabs is not productive. Do lawyers have to docket for W.F.H. inefficiencies?  

12:00 – Lunch dilemma: should I prepare a fresh sandwich before the perishable deli meats go bad or whip up some good ole non-perishable Kraft Dinner? The pasta shelves were bare the last two times I checked…